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RE: Introducing - A Decentralized Question and Answer Platform on Steem!

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I haven't asked any questions, but can an answer be "Accepted" by the question asker? That would be nice (and may also serve as a good target for some sort of voting bot, though would still need policing).

Some other random thoughts/feedback for ya:

  • It's a little awkward that answers to questions aren't actually replies to posts, but instead posts of their own (which in turn show up in a user's blog feed). Answer themselves should probably be set to have the parent of the question post itself (making them not top level posts) to avoid this.
  • I'm not a fan of how it capitalizes usernames. Use how the user typed it, they are not proper names that need formatting.
  • The UX is weird for a Q&A site. I want the main display somewhere that I can browse questions that are being asked - I don't want to see "Hot Answers", followed by actual "Questions" then trailed by "New Answers". It should be a stream of one type of content, probably questions, since that's your primary form of content.
  • Resteeming answers honestly doesn't make a lot of sense. Questions? Yes, answers to questions... not really.
  • I really want to be able to press ⌘ + enter to submit posts. I try it on pretty much every site I use, and the more places it works the happier I am.

Interested in your thoughts on safety using this given people have to use their active key - why not posting key enough? Think you are a guru in that steemconnect space @jesta - feedback appreciated.

I have major concerns with the SteemConnect security model and requiring users to use their active key to grant posting authorities like this. I actually created a new account (@jesta-sc) to specifically use for SteemConnect sites to reduce security concerns for myself.

I've made my concerns knows a number of times - but the accessibility SteemConnect provides has been deemed by those in charge to be of more importance.

Yeah I agree - however so many use Steemconnect you hardly have other options - i de-installed Vessel as i had issues - might be more secure.

Thanks for the sincere feedback @jesta

You're definitely right about the answers to questions thing. It's something that a lot of people complained about and required a large amount of code changes but is now ready to go live. Our solution was to have a daily thread to hold all questions and answers. People will be free to ask and answer as much as they like without spamming their blogs.

As for the UX, yeah I agree it's not as readable as it needs to be. We did something similar to Quora, which I found to be decent in terms of a user experience. We'll continue to work on it of course. I will say though that there will be a tab for just questions for people to answer very soon.

For resteemed answers, the thinking is that there will be some posts that would have enough depth and insight for someone to want to share with their followers.

Any other advice you might have would of course be appreciated!

I personally have been up all night the past few nights coding and designing. I'm sure you too have had the same motivation as a result of the community's support :)

I personally have been up all night the past few nights coding and designing. I'm sure you too have had the same motivation as a result of the community's support :)

It's like rocket fuel for productivity :)

Keep up the good work!

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