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RE: Welcome to Tina's World - Who's that girl?

Upvoted!!!!! Barbie Tina Girl, wow, love your Isaac Newton Gravity Flying Apple Joke Meme, your photos, the pool, your beautiful friends, lovely like you, your marble blue eyes, your world, wow, very exciting, the videos, everything. There is a lot here in this post. I'm Oatmeal. I love adventures. Happy to meet you here. Magical. You must be a Barbie or something.



Hahhahah @joeyarnoldvn don't call me Barbie please LOL.
You are Oatmeal? What do you mean by that? :-p

I am Oatmeal because you are what you eat. You are a Barbie because you look like a Barbie.

You are indeed what you eat! :) Did you see this? :-D

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