A lion, a shark and a girl on the beach

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Hi Steemit!  I’m new to the community, so let me introduce myself.  

My name is Karen, I’m 28 and I’m travelholic (sounds a bit like introduction at Alcoholics Anonymous, ha-ha). My travel disease started 3 years ago. At some point of my life I decided to change my life completely. I packed 2 suitcases with clothes and expectations, and left my motherland Ukraine for South America. I spent 2 years of my life travelling around Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador. South America turned to be not what I expected: people didn’t walk upside down and there was fast wi-fi in little remote towns. In my future posts I’ll tell more about my travel experiences.  

I like to spend time in the nature, especially on the beach.  

I like to meet new people, and travelling gives me an opportunity to talk both to tourists from different countries, and indigenous people as well.  

My true passion is animals. When I see some cute animal, my heart goes out to it. I have an urge to caress any furry creature on my way. South America boasts many natural reserves, where one can see (and sometimes touch) rare animals. I didn’t miss my chance. 

I hope you’ll follow me. I’ll post many pictures and travel stories to entertain you.  


Hello! How can I upload pictures? Putting a link to postimg.org doesn't work.

wang is a bot, he won't be answering, but your pictures all seem to work perfectly fine.

Profile pictures however, are not implemented yet, if that is what you were looking to upload.

Nice pictures and welcome!

For future picture upload I can recommend imgur.com, easiest and fastest around! Take care!

I liked beach picture the most. xD

F**k that, I like the lion!!

Keep steaming and you can keep travelling enjoy :-)

Those are some great pictures! Welcome!

@karen13 Awesome photos with the lion and shark! I haven't been to South America yet, I'm looking forward to reading your travel posts :)

Welcome Karen, and thank you for sharing your amazing story. Also, great title!

nice photos thanks for share it

@gerardobernal Thank you for appreciation

You very confident near with the beast

@robi-rusmana I just knew, it wasn't hungry)

Very fantastic body!

Hi and welcome Karen!
When petting that lion, you have no fear at all?

Hi Anonimau5, I'm not afraid of animals. That cat grew up with people, so it got used to be petted.

It's very nice to read other people story and adventure when you know you have the same passion. Yay! Nice post and pictures in here :)

@graciah Thanks. Will you share your experience too?

Yeah, I definitely will. I will share my first post before the day will end. I am now taking my time to read some of the interesting articles here that would help me understand more about this whole steemmit and its flatform ;)

Are you vegan?

No, I'm not

that's a big lion

I envy you. Keep traveling and keep sharing with us!

Just trying out Steemit...

Welcome to Steemit! Great pics there! :)

Good for you! I have never had any luck, so I kind of gave up after years of trying

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