Hello Steem - Who am I - Engineer or Businessmen or Photographer or Sportsmen or Family man or Crypto-Enthusiast

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Well!!!! I want to be brutally honest here.
When I was a kid I wanted to be a #Sportsmen. I was always good at sports. Being a Sportsmen I learnt to #fight with #defeat and taught me to succeed after #failure. I was a very quick learner. My instincts always helped me in getting over difficult situations.

After I realise my body isn't fit enough to be a Sportsmen I moved towards studies and hot serious with it. I then completed my Engineering and joined, #tcs or #tataconsultancyservices. Where I still work as a #businessanalyst.


But deep down, I coming from a #business family, my love for business was always there. Hence I moved towards a Business oriented role from a technical role in my company and started finding a way out to travel and learn new things. So I got an opportunity to move to #uk #london for a year where I met new people and friends. I learnt a lot during this tenure. And it improved me as a person.


And yes meanwhile I got #married and I #love my #wife a lot. She is the best thing that could have happened to me. She is #adorable and lovely. She under stands everything I need and keeps me calm and happy always. Hence I have no good reason to not love her. She is #irresistible


By clicking her #pictures, I realised my love for #photography. I soon started my instagram page to store all my photographic #memories there
I just love clocking pictures now. My love for this became passion when I couldn't stop my fingers from clicking in #zero degrees of #temperature



Coming to likes - I love having #tea and #hukka. I smoke a bit. But not that much. Once a day may be. Please don't do it. It kills.



Finally my love for #cryptocurrency started during early #january 2017. I bought my first #bitcoin and started day trading. I continue the same even today and have faith that one day I will be #rich enough to pay all my #parent 's debt. And live a #happy life forever drinking #beer on the #beach.


My profile links are as follows -



My instagram handle is -



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Welcome aboard and hello from the United States.

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Yes, of course. Good luck, I look forward to seeing more of your photography.

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