Happy to be co-creating the Steemit Timeline with you all

My mind tends to wander off on a philosophical tangent when I have to formally introduce myself. Do I go by the popular route and list the number of labels I have acquired: seeker, scholar, researcher, adventurer, pilgrim, lecturer, mentor, coach, quantum healer, mother, alchemist, love rebel, unschooler?

artem-bali-684025-unsplash.jpg Photo by Artem Bali on Unsplash

All these things I have been and still are. But essentially, we are not our labels. And by using labels, it is so easy to create another division between ourselves. Deeply ingrained are the perceptions that we have accumulated regarding the words we use. So many words have become so tainted that I can literally see the walls going up when I speak them.

After a long and arduous search to find an untainted label, I am now happy to introduce myself as a Wayshower. And also, to extend to you the invitation to use the tag - Wayshower - if you resonate with its unassuming yet enlightened sound. So many ways, so many Wayshowers showing the way.

Not being in Kansas anymore -if you catch my drift - I shall 'shower' breadcrumbs along my way as I transverse the unknown realms of the new consciousness we are entering.

derek-thomson-406050-unsplash.jpg Photo by Derek Thomson on Unsplash

By grace, I enter the underworld to explore our collective wounds and the paradigms of the collective 4D dimension that keep us repeating our old patterns. I explore the deep unconscious realms of our minds and bring back the Mercurian language for us to do the Alchemy. Turn your light of awareness to the dark unknown realms of your automatic behaviour and Voila! You are on a new timeline, in a new dimension, part of a new earth.

lidya-nada-638316-unsplash.jpg Photo by Lidya Nada on Unsplash

PS: Considering my own life experience, it really isn't that easy, but what else is there to do when you get tired bumping your head repeatedly against same old boulder? No one likes being a donkey, and fewer still, likes being a sheep.

PSS: I respect the real innate consciousness of the sheep and donkey, and mean no offence by using these lame and outdated symbols. No species on earth are more ignorant than humans claiming otherwise.

andrew-seaman-597888-unsplash.jpg Photo by Andrew Seaman on Unsplash


Welcome to Steemit lovely lady!! I look forward to reading all your amazing insights! So many interesting conversations we’ve had in the short time we’ve known each other - I really look forward to learning from your wealth of knowledge and experiences!

Thank you, my friend. Actually, I owe you more than just a plain ordinary Thank You, because of you...@ladyofavalon is in full steam. You are awesome.

Welcome to steemit family! Good luck! I am sure that you will fully enjoy your journey here:)

Hi @petko, I am mega surprised to open up my steemit and see all the action my post got. Grateful and blessings to you wild photo man...


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“Wishing you the best…”


Gratitude to you my friend. It's all new to me but I will definitely follow up on your advice. Sounds great.

Welcome to Steemit @ladyofavalon! I am super interested in what you will bring here. I know there is a choice we are moving toward and I'm pushing for peace and abundance. There are several people going down that path here. I would encourage you to join the PAL discord https://discord.gg/vssVyv and minnow support project. There are tons of helpful people there. Also I am a curator for the @vostokarmy group and have nominated your post for promotion drop by and say hello sometime https://discord.gg/y8J6pS

Hello @makinstuff. Thank you for your super exciting interest. My heart is running wild. Can't wait to share the amazing stuff. I am picking up on all the links you so gracefully share.


Thank you @makinstuff for mentioning PAL. I totally forgot!

Thanks for finding this post and putting it in vostok promotion!
That's how I found it. :-)

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Feeling Proud, thank you @steemitboard. Loving to be a part of this exciting new venture in my life and co-creating with you..

Welcome to steemit @ladyofavalon.

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    Welcome the new steemians. Have a great day!

@tuanis, Thank you for the warm welcome. I'll be sure to check out and follow all the links + mwah

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Thank you so much for your interest!

Cool, thank you @partiko. This sounds great.

For sure! Let us know how it goes!

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Welcome ladyofavalon!
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Surfer Desktop sounds like a great tool. Love to join up.

Welcome to the Steem Universe! We think you will like the community here. Scott and I have shared your introduction post on our blog, you can find it here https://steempeak.com/curation/@xcountytravelers/hey-have-ya-met-october-9-2018. Welcome and we hope you enjoy your stay.

This is so awesome, thank you @xcountytravelers. I've checked out your profile and love the fact you travel full time. Going to check out your repost now...BIG HUGS

This is so awesome, thank you @xcountytravelers. I've checked out your profile and love the fact you travel full time. I would love to be apart of your community.

pink heart.png

Well, we would love it too! Pretty much when you find a post you really like comment on them. If you find a post you REALLY like vote on them. Unfortunately, the vote is not a "like" as it is in Facebook, so use the vote for what you really like. Do you do discord?

What a good post to start with!! Welcome dear to SteemIt.. hope you find your purpose in here and find new friends along the way!!! Good luck!! 👍🏻

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@twodorks, I take your blessings to heart and thank you for your kindness.

By the way I have a challenge going on, just maybe you want to write about it, it would be so much fun! Though there’s no prize or anything just doing this for engagement.. Hope I see you making one!!

Here’s the link right here —-> https://steemit.com/esteem/@twodorks/10-random-things-d9251110d8e6f


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Well this was highly entertaining!!! "wayshower" hehehe I love it!

Hey @youhavewings - i think you'd like to check out this post!!! :)
maybe @penderis too? hehehehe

Thank you @dreemsteem. I like your description on your profile, but tell me, who is Talia?

oh :)

You can see it here... (this was the first version)

or here.... (this is the more polished, edited version)

If you take a look, I hope you enjoy it!

p.s. will we be seeing more from you? I hope so!


Hi there!!

Welcome aboard the Steem World!
Steemit have more to offer, you only have to open up to us. I can see you are full of life! Im very eager to ge to know you better too. May you find your haven in the community.

It seems you already have too much labels haha sooo cute! And yes self discovery is endless, there are a lot to be discovered as we grow.

We love donkey! We will never get tired of him...Hahaha have you watched Shrek?..

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Hello my friend @maquemali, I must say, it already feels like I am finding my community. I trust you will be inspired by my posts. Looking forward to getting to know you too.
PS: been a fan of Eddy Murphy since forever, but Shrek is surely one of my favourites!

Yayyyy! Another Shrek fanatic! Hahahahaha i loooove it.. the more the merrier.. and yes Eddie Murphy had made justice to his donkey role! I have a high respect to the man..

Its great to know you ate finally settling to a community. There are a lot of communities to join and blend in. I will keep stalking you once in a while.. hehehe hope you dont mind.

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Welcome to the steemit platform! I look forward to seeing what you bring to the platform!

Hello @amberyooper, thank you for the encouragement. I am delighted to be here. Looking forward your follow your posts

Hi there @ladyofavalon and welcome, welcome to our Steemit family here! What a wonderful writer you are and communicator of thought-wisdom.

I can absolutely relate to not wanting labels in life and how words have become so tainted. I love how you expressed this with walls going up as soon as they are used - it does feel very much like that. We're all human beings, after all - responsible for our own actions and life lessons.

Very beautiful and thoughtful/insightful post!

I look forward to many more posts from you ;)

Much love

Hello @youhavewings, looking forward to get to know you

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Hey! Ren here of @xcountytravelers. I was wondering how things were going. Have you finally figured things out?