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Hi All Steemians.

Today my post will be a #introduceyourself post as i realized i did not have human verification.
If i go back and look at all my other posts i see that i did not have the correct mindset when i first started with steemit.

I was really just i it for the money and i did not enjoy posting until just a few days ago i realized i loved writing poems and so i have decided to change my mindset and post poems and articles but mainly my poems.
I hope all enjoy my poems i have posted and hope you enjoy the ones to come.

So enough about that, time to get to telling you all about me

First I just want to say that this post may not be the best introduce yourself or should i say reintoduceyourself, but its mine and that's what i think counts.

Now here are somethings i will be covering i this post/article.

  • Who am I?
  • What do i like?
  • How old am i?
  • Some tough times have i gone through?
  • Some good things in my life?

So lets get started on the first one.

1. Who am I

I am nobody to important but not a nobody as we are all somebodies.
As i was told during all my hard times in life"there is always someone watching or someone to talk to"
and i found these words very encouraging as i think you may to,yes i may be young and a kid,but that does not mean these words cant help you too.

Put in the comment section below if anything bad has happened to you guys.
But the that does not answer who ami?Well i was only going to let you all know when i got to 100 followers but i think now is a good idea to let you all know you i am.

My first name is Jack and my second name is Riley its nothing special but its my beautiful name.
If you are all wondering which i doubt but i will let you know anyway that i am home schooled but its not at home.

I do the Impak curriculum at a school that they call home schooling but its not at home so it sort of baffles my brain a bit.

People who know me very well know that being a joker is who i am.

Now that we have covered who i am and my name lets begin with number 2.

2. What do i like:

Well now that we can talk about What i like i suggest you all stop reading get up and stretch your legs get some coffee and popcorn ready and then continue reading.
Lets start off with telling you all about my favorite fruit and why they are my favorite.

My favorite fruits:

My number 1 favorite fruit is pineapple, Why pineapple well because it was the first fruit i ever got over my fear of.Now that may not make a ton of sense but what i mean by that is that i was 4-5 years old not sure exactly but about there.

I would never pick it up or cut it or even eat it as i was scared it would stab me,yeah,stab me.
But then my uncle said he would give me $100 if i ate it,so i shook his hand and we made a deal,and since that day pineapple is my number 1 fruit.

Now my Second favorite fruit is Mango,now this story was a sticky one.

My mom bought me new close the day before and i was at the shops with my grandmother and she left my on the floor next to the trolly,we were in the fruit isle as you could have guessed i found my way by crawling to the next isle where the mangos were.

There were those already cut mango and i had somehow managed to reach it and when my grandmother found me i was a sticky mess.

Now lets move on to sports because food is way to boring to read about.

So my first sport i ever did was soccer and i was the worst on the team till about grade 5 then i realised that i was good at goal keeping and then in grade 6 i became the best goal keeper in the school.

My favorite sport is swimming as ever since i was in grade 3 i was always the best in the grade till grade 8 when i went to high school i was always second or first as i had 1 other opponent who was almost equally as good.
Another sport i like is fishing as i just enjoy it to much and never ever get sea sick,the first time i went fishing was when i was 4 years old with my grandpa.

Now i could probably continue till you were bored out of your minds but i wont do such a cruel thing.

So lets continue to the next subject, every 14 year old's favorite thing to do, Video games.

Now my console is old gen but that does not stop me from playing on it,yes the graphics aint the best but it is still a good console, I enjoy playing Minecraft and as you could have guessed call of duty.

I play online with my friends and we chat and play.

3. How old am i.

You may think i am to young to be on Steemit but that does not mean anything,
I can be 101 and still be on steemit.I may not be old enough physically but i am old enough mentally.
In other words i am mature enough to be on steemit.

My actual age is 14 turning 15,i am just looking for a place to start my writing career, have fun, meet new people and read some new fun and exciting blogs.

4. Some tough times in my life.

Now before you all start saying that i am not the only one who has gone through some tough times in life,let me just say that i know everyone goes through that tough time but i though i would share some of mine.
So the first story i would like to share is going to be a quick summery about my life and how bad it was till a few years ago.

  1. So my mom had me when she was 18 and then my dad left me when i was 2 and then my mom married again and my sister was born.

after that my mom divorced him and met Fred, a lovely man who she loves back.
So that was the short version so here are now some incidents in my life that have really hurt me but taught me lessons never to forget.

  1. My dad and his friends where playing on a ps2 and my mom had told them to watch me and they did the exact opposite, when they found me i was near the high way already,how?We lived on a small farm where the road meets the high way.

  2. My gran had cancer and survived but it scared me out of my skin.

  3. My granddad lost his left eye to a parasailing hook.

  4. My step dad took drugs and we had problems with that.

  5. My sisters dad used to beat my mom.
    And that is where i am going to stop as the rest of my stories will just make me cry even more.

5. Some good times in my life.

My mom meeting Fred, as she was unhappy during her life till she found Fred.
My grans cancer going away.
My granddad even after losing his eye still being awesome.
My dogs.
New house.
Meeting my new best friend.

And that concludes my reintroduce yourself post, hope you all enjoyed it, follow me for more and do not forget to leave a comment below.


Welcome love2steemit :) I will be keeping an eye on your poems.

welcome aboard.

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thank you i will look into it

Welcome lovetosteemit. Very wise words for your age. Looking forward to your poems.

When prosperity comes, do not use all of it.

How does a lion like his meat? -ROAR

Welcome aboard!

Thank you so much it is so much fun to be on steemit and getting to wright all day