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RE: Get to know me! (@kurtrixa)

Hi Rixa,

welcome to Steemit !!

Art, what a lovely passion you have. Very nice drawing, looking forward to seeing more.

I also like anime and manga. I am becoming more and more passionate about Asian culture. Right now, I listen to a lot of Jpop and Kpop.

I even tried to compose a song in Japanese!!! (go see on my profile the title: "Watashi no taiyo").

We’ll probably run into each other on Steemit;)

See you soon,

[email protected]


Oooh! That’s cool! I listen to Kpop and Jpop as well. I’ll be checking out your song. Thank you for the warm welcome!

I like Momoland, Sistar, Apink, Twice,Black Pink and many other. And you ?