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Around two months ago my teammates at cyberFund (cyber.fund) got excited about steemit. Our focus at cyberFund is a deep analysis of all "living and breathing" blockchains (as you shoud know if you follow @hipster), and we are especially keen on following new projects launched (or to be launched) by our favourite teams of developers.

@hipster posted here 2 months ago for the first time, and since then he has started promoting heavily steemit as the best blog platform. I am not very fond of blogs per se, so it took me a while to write my first post here, but finally I am doing it.

Blockchain technology fascinates me and it does so for a very simple reason. It is not decentralization, or continuous recordkeeping, as you might think. It is economic empowerment of everybody who gets involved into blockchainspace. The embedded economic incentives are something that attracts users and makes blockchains sustainably decentralized. steemit is a fine illustration to that principle, and I am keen to be a part of this community as it is destined to grow and become more and more diverse and interesting.

cyberFund plays an important role in my life (I have been learning a lot since I got involved in this adventure). As someone who is capable of explaing complex things in simple words I am focusing on bringing the knowledge on blockchains forward, to those who could benefit from blockchains in different ways either using them or building their own product or services on them. These "talking, sharing knowledge activities" I enjoy tremendously because at the end there are always smiling (or amazed) people thankful as they have learned something new.

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That's enough for the first time, I think. More posts are coming :)


Happy to see you here!

I've prepared a collection of awesome links about Steem! Hope that help you get started and understand how this organism works!

Thanks for the links!

Спасибо за теплые слова!!! Ну и да - я думаю что это сообщество сможет многим задуматься о том, что и как они делают! Круто что ты тоже тут!


I know that you know that you made the right move, blockchain freedom :)

welcome marina!!

note: you have a space on ! [ ] ( ) that is making your code show

I feel the same way you do. I'm sure many here do as well. There is an almost tangible energy in this new blockchain/crypto-platform space. There are many different reasons that people get interested like speculation, nerd factor, notoriety, etc etc etc. And then there is the biggest reason of why so many of us are here. The reason that this space seems to have the ability to change human behavior and give people choices beyond that of which exists anywhere else today. Choices that we very much need and will benefit from as a human race. I believe there is no other thing at this point in time of history that has the potential to affect so much positive change in this world.

It is awesome that there are so many of us who want to make a world a better place with a help of blockchain technology.

If you're looking for complicated things to explain in simple words, my posts should provide a lot of raw material :)

Sounds challenging but worth trying :)

Guys, thanks to all of you for this very warm welcome :)

The ability to explain complex things in simple terms is an amazing talent. I wish I had it, but I have the opposite; the ability to explain simple things in a difficult manner :-)

Great to have you around!

Welcome Marina! Nice to know which person's are behind https://cyber.fund/ I really love the services that are provided there!

PS ...you seem to be very intelligent (your writing+pictures reveals it) ;)

Thanks for knowing us :) Your feedback on our services will be highly appreciated! And many thanks for a compliment!

Welcome and it was a interesting read and yes Blockchain Rulzzzz !!

Welcome to Steemit! Have fun! :)

Great to have you around! Steemit

Ditto! Feel the same about block chains

вот ето да! первый раз вижу такой ценник на выплаты -- как и апвоут от неда и бернисандерса. "порой не верится, друзья. а все-таки -- бывает". (с)

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