The New Pizza Guy in Town #introduceYOURself

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Hey guys,

i heard about this community a few weeks ago (thanks to my brother) and since most social media platforms I know are getting more and more commercialized, i really like the thought of this community and would like to join.

Coming from Austria - living in Vienna and raised in Salzburg, yeah you US guys probably will ask If I know “Sound of Music”, and my answer is: “yes, I´ve heard from it, but never watched it” - It is actually not that popular in Austria, but I love that you guys would ask ;)

The one thing were I never ever (ever) in my life could say no to is …

… yes, you got it! It´s pizza. I love this crazy lovely tomato, basil and mozzarella covered circle dough with different toppings even more than my drone, my bike or my new Gopro.

What about #introduceYOURself? I am actually here to meet crazy people, so tell me what fancy things you are up to?

Me for example, I am about to plan a shortfilm about Canada which I would like to visit next year (so any helpful hints?)

For my living I work in advertising and am specialized in Google and Facebook ads for our international clients like Samsung, Daimler, Fiat and many many more – so maybe that´s the reason why I feel, that those platforms are getting pretty commercialized – except Youtube, I love Youtube! I even love those “Skip-Ad” Buttons and the huge variety of content there. So Steemit-people show what you are up to!

What else is relevant for this #introducemyself? You guys wanna know anything about me? Just ask :)

(Buy the way, the photo is a pizza from Naples in Italy - Best pizza place is Sorbillo (also in Milano and New York available)


Welcome @markus007 to join this platfrom steemit friend, hope what you are looking for and want available in paltfrom this steemit. The spirit to work through your intelligence in terms of writing and taking pictures can attract the attention of crowded people. Welcome back I say

Hey li-jun,
thanks for your feedback, looking forward to being here :)

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