Mindlock's Introduction ....sort off...kinda...maybe...I dunno man...


I am Mindlock and here is my introduction to Steemit site!

I am a real human being and I live somewhere on this beatifull planet.

I would like to remain an ideea or a project so please forgive me for NOT SHOWING my face.

I want to write articles about different subject and I like to edit things.

I am thinking to do some memes and nice edits and of course write my opinions about other things.

If this will be bad or good only you the audience can decide!

Once Again I am Mindlock and this was my first post On Steemit!


You are welcome to steemit @mindlock

Your presence here is very valuable to us. You can participate in the 50 word story contest for new Steemians for an opportunity to win big.

You can follow this LINK to get more information about the contest.

Thanks @ogochukwu! 😊 I will take a look.

It's always entirely up to you if you wish to reveal your real world identity. We only ask for verification when there's a possibility that someone else's real world identity is being taken.

No problem @demontruk I made my intro like a little joke and of course if there are problems I can prove my identity. My desire is to joke and tell strange stories with my photo edits. I hope I Can be funny ha ha!

Welcome to Steemit, looking forward to see your stuffs!

Welcome to Steemit @mindlock! Enjoy :)

Thank you @voronoi!

Welcome to Steemit!

We look forward to more of your creative work
I am happy to help you