Her skin soft, tempting and dazzling
Her lips red ,plum , delicious and irresistible
as honey dropping from its comb
Her smile powerful and seductive
capable of capturing the most Powerful king
The sparkle in her eyes can brighten the night

She glitters like pure diamond placed under
the sun
Head to toe all beautiful and spotless
A gaze from her can weaken the bravest of
One kiss from her can ignite the fire within
One touch from her can weaken your
One look at her thighs can turn you on

She sways seductively as she moves
Her curve attracts the strongest war lord
and threaten the most beautiful of all queens
Beauty and seduction begins and ends at
her door step
She intimidate all ,but she is intimidated
by none

Her breasts round and firm with poking
nipples visible through her dress
You can call her the enchantress because she
is capable of enchanting you with her
eyes and flawless beauty
She is definitely the beginning of your destruction and the path leading to your
death but can't resist nor take your eyes
off her body

You can call her the seductress cause she is
created by seduction and for seduction
Her voice is capable of bringing bumps to
your skin
She makes her bed with the heart and soul
of men she has captured
There is no escape from her
Her spell is unbreakable
She is the devil's mistress


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