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Hello my fellow Steemians! It's been a while since my last post and I don't have any excuse about it but at least I'm back and I will try to stay here for a while :)

First of all I want to wish you Happy New Year! Be more happy, more productive, love your family and appreciate every second of this life, because we live it only once and there is always another chance except in life. There is no second chance in life so Remember that and appreciate every second of your life <3

So let me explain you some things and my plans in 2019, what I will write here and what I will do overall

First, and the most important thing is that I planned to write daily posts during the entire year. So everyday I will try to write about something, for example what happened to me that day or maybe I will post some photos, it doesn't matter it's important that I will post everyday(I hope so)

Next thing is connected to my photography. No I didn't stop doing photography but I changed my type of photography. Landscapes got me boring and I don't have inspiration to go out and shoot them. But instead of doing landscapes I started doing portraiture. I started shooting portraits like one month ago so basically I am still new in it and I am still learning about everything. As you know there is no lot of connections between landscape and portraiture photography, so it will take some time to learn everything.
I cant't wait to show you my new work. I already prepared some posts about portraits I shot and how I shot them also how I edited them so stay tuned...
Also you can check them on my instagram @mladenph and don't forget to follow me! ;)

And last thing but not least important is that in 2018 I got my driving licence. I really love cars and I love driving so you will see some travel photos too. I will try to visit lot of new places this year and write here about them. I already made a list of places I want to visit and I really hope I will fill out the list with check marks :D

That's all from me for today I wish you all the best in New Year to be happy and don't forget to appreciate your life! Cheers! :)


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Why in introduce yourself ? Thats When you enter the platform not re-enter !

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