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Hello there!

Hi there fellow Steemians, finally this is taking some shape. I've always wanted to share some of my development journeys with others. Not only to be in good company and discuss the pitfalls that I am falling into occasionally (more often then I'd like to admit 😅) but also to try and educate some folks and to spark interests in areas that some might never thought possible.

Soo... it's still a bit of an understatement to say that I am anxious to get started!

Why Am I Here?

Well, you might have noticed a new Steem game on the block (pun intended 😅) called @steemknights, as it turns out I am part of the development team (yeah, I'm shocked too 😮). And now that I think about it, it's all @mwfiae's fault that I am here (you can curse him if this content is not to your liking 😜).

Anyhow, @mwfiae, @cloud925, and my humble self started a company called @fivefingergames to bring realtime 3D games to the blockchain. Not any blockchain but the Steem blockchain!

Big shoutout to the guys, incredible team, really proud of what we accomplished so far!

If you want to read more about us and what we want to do (there is a "roadmap" 🤨) you can check out the #introduceyourself post of the @fivefingergames account. And shame on you if you have not played @steemknights yet... Give it a go, head over to the website login and start fighting!

Alright alright, enough self-promotion already (I hope you don't mind 🙊), back to the topic at hand.

About me

Okay, this always seems to be the hardest part to write...

My name is Michael Baudler, I am (as of right now) 25 years old and from Germany, Lower Bavaria (born and raised 🍻).

You might now feel the urge to call me by my real name, please don't! Just call me Bandler for short (if we ever cross paths on any Discord server 👌😜). Alright getting off track again...

I am a software engineer and a huge nerd when it comes to programming languages, new technologies, philosophy, science (especially physics) and space stuff. Put a passionate gamer into the mix and you got your average Kerbal Space Program player, that's me!

What else.. I love books, especially sci-fi. epic fantasy and horror:

  • James S. A. Corey (The Expanse)
  • Tolkien (LoTR saga and all that came before)
  • George R. R. Martin (A Song of Ice And Fire) and
  • Lovecraft (Cthulhu Mythos)

come to mind.

Great authors! Of course, all these genres and interests translate into TV series, movies, and games (especially RPGs).

I also sing and play a lot of instruments, sadly it seems that time is a scarce resource from which I don't have all that much to pursue my musical longings. Hopefully, this will change with future game projects!

Anything else.. ah, yes!

I used to record Let's Plays for YouTube which tapered off pretty quickly after about 20 episodes of vanilla Minecraft. After that, I switched to streaming on Twitch to get a more interactive environment. Once there I realized there is a nitch of software and game developers streaming and sharing their progress. This is how I got to streaming my own software and game development projects.

I left my Twitch (I simultaneously stream to @threespeak aswell 😜) link below if you want to come by and watch me work on some stuff. I don't stream that regularly anymore but I try to but in a stream or two per month.

One last thing about me I am currently the owner of the second biggest programming playlist on Spotify. Random facts! 😅

That's about it! A TL;DR about me.

Enough Already, What About The Content?!

Now, let's get to the good stuff what will this blog be about?

As of right now, I will be writing about a few topics (or a lot depending on how you see it 😅).

For one I want to write about functional programming and why I think it's superior to all the other programming paradigms out there. This topic will be dragged through most of my other work as this is the main paradigm I am writing my private projects in.

The other main thing will be physics, to be more exact this blog will host some additions on all the things I do on Project Artemis. This project is my attempt to fully automate a space program with Kerbal Space Program (I am super hyped for the second iteration of the game with interstellar travel 😱) and the mod kOS. It will contain topics ranging from sub-orbital/orbital flight and injection orbits based on payload, thrust and target destination to orbital vehicle assembly (space stations) and moon/planet bases, which includes operations such as rendezvousing/docking, landing, and communication. The goal is to lay out the real-world physics as best as possible with as much explanation as needed and implement working examples within the game. All of the Kerboscript source code will be available here on GitHub.

This brings me to another topic and that's scripting or programming languages in general. I will try to implement two complete programming languages here on this blog and I want to bring your along with me. Well, now that I think about it we will work with three, but for one we will just write additional tooling, and that's Kerboscript (the scripting language kOS is based on). This will be a good primer for what's to come.

While I am on the topic of programming languages, I will use Rust for all the language development we will try to undertake. One problem though.. I don't know Rust. Yet! So, I will use this blog as an opportunity to learn Rust (maybe you too? 🤔), as I wanted to dive into it for quite a while now.

The plan is to start with some smaller projects with Rust from backend to frontend and after that, we will continue on to language development and after that to some game engine development (where we will be using our second language as a gameplay scripting language 🧐).

Finally, I want to dive deeper into the nitty-gritty details of an operating system, because of that I plan to write my own OS for the Minecraft mod OpenComputers which lets you implement one from scratch with Lua. And of course, I want to bring you guys along!

On a final note, I will also be providing some insights into the development of the projects we are working on at @fivefingergames.

Puh.. well that was a mouth full. Now that I wrote all of it down it seems to be quite a lot. Well with that said, buckle up we will ride this rocket for quite some time! 😅


My plan is to structure all the topics and their content mentioned above into separate blog series. This lets me organize my writing better and I can focus on one series at a time.

These are the series that are currently planned:

  • Primer: Functional Programming
  • Rust: Backend to Frontend
  • Let's Automate
  • ksc: The Kerboscript Compiler
  • Project Artemis
  • rlox: Lox Interpreter in Rust
  • funl: Functional Scripting Language for Game Development
  • Graviton: Functional Game Engine
  • karlOS: Implementing an OpenComputers OS

These are all subject to change and I am sure we will move some things around once we start discussing some of these topics.

Posting Schedule

I was unsure if I should add this, but I think it will help me focus my development time as I have a deadline to work towards.

The plan right now is that I will post every two weeks on Saturday starting with the upcoming 26th of October Saturday.

Feel free to ask any questions you might have that were left unanswered or start a discussion on a topic mentioned above!

Have fun, Steem on and don't forget the answer is 0010 1010.

💾 GitHub
📹 Twitch
📧 Discord
🌘 Project Artemis


Great to see you finally posting! :)
Very hyped for your topics!!

Martin :)

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Great organization of your ideas!
How did you go from Baudler to Bandler? There must be a story there.

Good luck with these initiatives.

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Hi @dmwh, thank you! Glad you like it 😊

Haha, yes there is! Way back when I was still playing soccer we ordered new jerseys and the company somehow switched the u to a n, since that day I am mrbandler 😅

That's classic! Do you still have that jersey?

Ahh.. good question 🤔
I recently moved, I did not see it then and I threw some old stuff out maybe it was in there I'm not sure 😬

Anyhow, it stayed with me anyways 😅

Nice, welcome to the #steemstem tag! I'll keep an eye out for any stemmy-type posts you do. I suggest a deep look into the physics of Kerbal gaming or something, that'd be pretty sweet I reckon =D

Hi @mobbs, thank you for your welcoming words!

Yeah, it would. I have a feeling that there is no way around it, switch between Kerbal physics and real-world physics more often than not! It's gonna be a lot of fun 🚀

Welcome to the steem community @mrbandler. I am looking forward to seeing your posts and content.

Happy Steeming

Hi @aurynthenorse, thank you!

Glad to hear that. 😊

I've done some web design. I would imagine that 3D game designing would be ten times more complex or at least more time consuming. Are there already 2D games on blockchains? Is Steem connected to any 2D games yet? I would imagine that we would want to first focus on the 2D before going to 3D. But I would need to look around to see if there are any 2D ones yet.

Hi @joeyarnoldvn,

well we count @steemmonsters as a browser game with 2D graphics. And yes 3D is more complex than 2D but there is no need to explore the whole 2D ecosystem at first before getting into 3D. This is mainly the preference of the game developer who is developing the game. We decided on 3D graphics as this is a more immersive experience than 2D (that is not say that 2D cannot be immersive, on the contrary!).

I have not played Steem Monsters, so I was not totally sure. But that is good. Right, I understand the differences between 2D and 3D can be a difference between gaming style.

Welcome! looking forward to seeing what fivefingergames comes up with.

Hi @steemitqa, thank you for your welcoming words!

Heyho, welcome to Steemit, pretty nice Introduction 👍🏼 wish you a great start here

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Hi @kiel91, thank you very much! (:

Welcome to steemit! It's really a good platform for the enthusiast writers and for the people who want to share their good work with the world! ;)

Hi @freebirdkhushboo, thank you for your welcoming words! 😊

That's what I was thinking too, and my fingers are eager to start typing!

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Welcome to the family 😊

Hi there @mountainguy, thank you happy to finally be a part of it! 😊

You made it. Welcome to the party 🎉

Hi @cadawg, I did! It took some but at last I joined the party 😊

Hello Michael, welcome to steemit. Keep it up and a hug from México. All the best and much success...

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Hi @team-mexico, thank you! Greetings back to México 😊🇲🇽

Hey @mrbandler, Welcome to Steem, I will check out the game! I haven't seen it yet!

Hi @whatsup, thank you for your welcoming words! 😊
Great, let me know what you think when you played a few matches 😅

Cool intro post buddy. Welcome!

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Hi @king-cobra, thank you! Glad you like it! 😊

Welcome aboard; I've been meaning to take a look at steemknights. Thanks for the reminder.

Hi @mattclarke, thank you!

Sure, anytime 😉

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If you are familiar with DISCORD come join us there! 😍
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My hubs (@chrisroberts, the Lore Master for Splinterlands) LOVES SteemKnights! Great job over there.
And... I'm glad you've finally joined the blockchain. I think you'll like it. 😎

Hi @carrieallen, thank you!
Great to hear that 😊
I think so too, and I am glad to have joined at last 😅

Deep Thought paused for a moment's reflection. "Tricky," he said finally.

Hi @inertia, not sure what you are trying to say 🤔
But thank you for your comment! 😊

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Really cool that you're posting now! I love SteemKnights, but unfortunarely don't have to much time for playing it^^. I'm currently studying Software-System-Entwicklug so your blog may be interesting for me :).

Have a great time here!

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Hi @okean123, thank you, it took some time but now I am here 😊
Glad you like SteemKnights!
That sounds cool, I hope I can pick up some of your college topics 🤔

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