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RE: SteemPress 1.2 Update: New logo and design, curation, work on a new front-end, new features

Wow, so much great info! I’m going to have to read this a few times to soak it all in. For the logo, I agree with @theuxyeti about option #2. It’s friendlier and easiest on the eyes. However, if you don’t mind a little tweaking, I recommend starting with a version of the logo that only requires one color. If you can pull that off, it will only improve the impact and effectiveness of your brand as you add more colors or scale up/down in size. You’ll end up with a more iconic and lasting impression than if you depend on multiple colors straight from the get go. But overall, I’d say you guys are going the right direction! I’m digging the concept and style!


Thanks for the great comment and taking your time to share and explain your opinion :)

Personally, I also preferred #2, but it always takes a few rounds to arrive at the best version, so it's great to get new ideas and perspectives from you all!