Excited to be part of the Steemit Community. I am Yembe Nfor

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I'm excited to be a part of the Steemit Community and I look forward to sharing and discovering as much knowledge as I can.

I am a Tech-Enthusiast and Enterprise Developer with a particular interest in using ICT to make people's lives better. I'm Passionate about Civic Engagement and providing Sustainable Solutions to community problems.


With over 5 years’ experience discovering and working in Information and Communication Technology I have helped develop and Impact Businesses, Organizations and Communities through the company I founded - Y’G @yemsgroup (www.yems.group) - where I and a brilliant team are working with organizations to find creative ways to help them reach out to more people and deliver a great customer experience with the use of simple, targeted and affordable Business and Digital Solutions while creating opportunities for employment and Capacity Development for young people in our communities.

We've had the opportunity to work with some great organisations and small nonprofits in and out of Bamenda.

Thanks to the work we do, I was selected in 2017 as one of 1000 Mandela Washington Fellows from Africa.


I believe and am driven by the Values that service to humanity is the best work of life. When I'm not working at @yemsgroup, I Volunteer with Civil Society Organizations working especially in the areas of ICTs, Environment, Women, Children, Peace and Human Rights. I am the Secretary General of the environmental organisation "The Greens" @thegreens, where we're working to paint the world GREEN, I lead the IT efforts of the Girl empowerment organisation "Hope for the Needy Association"; I am a member and 2019 National Executive Vice President of Junior Chamber International in Cameroon and member and Communications Director of the "I am Cameroon" movement.


Through Y'G's CSR efforts we're currently working on a project to provide free computer and internet access to young people. We're calling this Dygital Spaces and are hoping to give young people like myself the opportunity to develop their skills and interests with the knowledge they can gather from the internet.

I believe in creating sustainable positive change, a world with equal opportunities, equal access to information, and a world where everyone can thrive. I'm always looking for opportunities to learn and further develop myself so that I can reach out to more people and create greater Impact in the World!

I have an Executive MBA in Executive Reforms and Strategic Enterprise Development and a BSc. in Management.

I loooooooooooove music (and singing loudly when listening)... I love watching movies, playing games, hiking, taking long walks, the great outdoors, eating (I can't cook to save my life... but I can make a meannnnn omlette).


Welcome to #Steemit @nforyembe and its our utmost pleasure that our very own SG is on board the game changing platform.
Do well to follow @steemitblog for countless steemit opportunities and hope you are going to be a part of #thediarygame which begins in August.
@cryptokannon, here comes our very own @nforyembe from @thegreens. Join us to welcome him.
We believe through steem, a lot of people around the globe will benefit from the good deeds and services of @yemsgroup, which is the leading IT and graphic designing firm in Cameroon.

Thank you very much for the warm welcome @thegreens
I am truly excited to be here and looking forward to participating in all areas that will move our communities forward...

Welcome to Steemit @nforyembe aka the memes master 🤣. It feels good having you back on board after a long time.

🤣🤣🤣 Feels good to be back brother.
Let's bring some memes to this space...

Welcome @nforyembe and glad to have our SG back on Steemit.

Greetings dear, I want to welcome you and congratulate you on your achievement and start in steemit, do not hesitate to continue contributing as this will allow you to quickly believe


Thanks for the warm welcome @wilmer1988
I plan to use this platform to share a lot about what I'm doing and learning...