Well...after seeing several 100% downvotes on this post - for who knows why! - I remembered why I stopped. No offense at all, @nikv, but it’s a hell of a lot easker to do it for the right reasons when you’re reaching people and making respectable payouts.

When I can pay my bills and have some stability, perhaps I’ll come back for the “right reasons”. But for now, clearly this isn’t a luxury I can afford to put my heart and soul into. 😞

Don't take the downvotes personally, they are worth nothing and part of the Steemit Defense league. A bunch of trolls that downvote at random for no reason at all. Everyone has received a few.

My idea of the right reasons revolves around just being productive. I plugged away at writing on the internet for years for free. It actually turned into paying work in the real world. What matters is that you put it out there, not what you are getting right now.

What matters is that I need to pay my bills... I wish it didn’t. I wish the world was different. I wish a lot of things. 😕

Me too. But all that aside, why not join the @monchromes discord server and start posting under #monomad? It's no longer daily topics

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