Hi everyone! Happy to be here!

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So... where should I start from?

Pictures are always great, so let begin from that:
Here I am, walking on the wall (not really, I don't have super power, unfortunately) in Facebook TLV.


It was taken this summer, I participated in their Hackathon, it was a blast, but I didn't won :-/
I will post on it later, having much to say...

Hackathons in general are the best place to build network, learn new technologies, get more experience, and if you win - great amount of money and respect.

But how did I got there?
two years ago, a Facebook friend posted about internship opportunity at google. I was only freshman, and had a little knowledge - but decided to go for it.
Of course I got the rejecting mail right away...

Google TLV office. I've been there!

I tried again year later - and this time the recruiter got back to me, saying I'm not qualifying yet - and gave me suggestions for improvement, which I took very seriously, one of them was going to plenty hackathons.
Long story short - I tried again few month ago, and passed the interviews!

I will elaborate on the process and how to prepare in a separate post, in two words - work, hard. Only very few can go unprepared and pass.

I study Bioinformatics, which is basically computer programming for biology, genetics and chemistry. I love the field, but it's really not paying well, and you can't find a decent job without Master's degree.

13 June 2014.jpg
(source: http://www.sciencemag.org/features/2014/06/explosion-bioinformatics-careers)

My GitHub account: https://github.com/chshpiner
I upload some of my project there.

So this is me, thank you for reading!
Would love to find others in those fields, and interesting people in general, so comment and I will follow :-)


A big welcome to you @noogler , Am glad to have you here on steemit. When I read that you studied bio informatics I was eager to know more. I can't wait to see all the lovely stuffs you'll be writing on here. You welcome.

I just resteemed, followed and upvoted your post also,so that more people will see this post and support it too.

Please I need a favor. am in a design competition now, here is my design

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And then check the comment section for the logo above, and then upvote the logo. My user name is @lucyc.

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It's beautiful! I voted :-)

It sounds very interesting.
Maybe you'll write an extended post about your job?
Can be very interesting to know more about this area.

Thank you @noogler
Welcome to steemit and good luck

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welcome to steemit! very good post for the start ;)

Thanks @makrotheblack for resteeming my post!

Are you real!!!??? Lolol

If it was a question, yes I am...
Why are you laughing 😦

Im laughing because im happy and because idk. Its hard to know if someone is real. Its awkward for me to say but i was like wow, cool person found my post and she seems epic?! It cant be real. Lololol is like laughing that i think it ...

You are nice 😊
I'm really normal, and blushing here reading it...

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So funny intro and interesting blog, I will follow you :-)

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