An Introduction / Q&A with Prepper Veteran

Prepper Veteran UK is someone who takes their preparedness very seriously. They remain anonymous online but share a wealth of knowledge through social media and online videos. Whilst maintaining his anonymity, Prepper Veteran UK was kind enough to answer some questions for The Real Survivalists. The information shared is so valuable and we can all learn so much from this. Pay attention and get ready to learn from our latest guest.


What made you get involved in preparedness?

Prepper Veteran UK: Throughout my Army career I have been deployed to many places, including the Balkans, Central America, West Africa and the Middle East. In just about every theatre of operations I realised what hardships lay ahead should SHTF come to my back yard. When I left the Army I felt more vulnerable, with no ‘big’ support net around me and no regular income. This combined with events, such as the 2014 Fukushima Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, flooding in UK and an increased Terror threat, made me start to think about my vulnerability. With no work, I had more time on my hands so started researching ‘fringe’ topics and again, with the realisation that You are On Your Own should anything really ‘kick-off’ I began a Prepping /Preparedness regime.

What advice would you give someone who wants to start prepping?

Prepper Veteran UK: I would advise someone to firstly carry out a ‘threat evaluation’ of their life, place of residence and overall situation for both the short and long term. Next, build up a short term supply of Medical, food and water (30 days), organise an alternate location that you can get to in case your house is no longer livable. Only after this can you build on your emergency supply duration, build / develop your skills (defence/survival/growing etc) and finally GET OUT OF DEBT. After Debt and a supply of food /water, your skills will go a long way and far out live your supplies.

What do you see in the near future that could ultimately lead to a big change in the world and how we live our lives? What should we all be preparing for?

Prepper Veteran UK: I think the world is spiraling towards complete disarray. Each country in the world is being divided, the populous and their way of life and values are being changed with immigration and religion. If we are not careful, this will continue to be eroded until a flashpoint occurs, WROL will then ensue and possibly see the collapse of many countries. I think the actual SHTF /Disaster event isn’t something anyone should be directly focusing on. The disastrous event is just the beginning. If you have survived any event, then that is the first hurdle out of the way. Most scenarios will probably involve casualties, and ultimately lead to a struggle for supplies, whether this be short term or long term, defence against an increasingly desperate set of people will become more violent and common.

Would you recommend rural or urban environments for someone trying to survive after a shtf event?

Prepper Veteran UK: Both have their pros and cons. Rural survival will probably involve a homesteading/farming lifestyle and will ultimately outlive an Urban lifestyle provided you are part of an established rural community with the relevant skills.The Urban environment will see more of a struggle for real-estate and its offerings, in the short term I see plenty to salvage (the grace period). This will not last forever. There will also be a tendency for smaller pockets of people banding together and so a kind of post shtf gang culture will develop, but if you cannot grow food, you will ultimately die. So my recommendation would be to go with the Rural Community side of things. Anyone who thinks they can go it alone, or bug out to the woods are dreaming and will probably be short lived.PVUK.jpg

In your opinion, what is the most important piece of knowledge, skill or kit that every Prepper should have? Why?

Prepper Veteran UK: In my opinion, I think the most important piece of knowledge, skill or kit for a Prepper would be to have a positive mental attitude. Survivability for any given scenario will initially mean surviving the initial ‘disastrous’ event followed by the WILL TO SURVIVE and adapt to any given circumstance. Kit/gear will eventually break. For me, if I had to choose one area, it has to be knowledge and that knowledge would be how to feed yourself in the long term, this would include hunting, fishing and growing the resources around you.

What is your favourite preparedness/survival quote or motto?

Prepper Veteran UK: ‘Survival is easy…. Just Don’t Die’. – Creek Stewart*

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No problem.. keeping it simple is key....

Very sound advice all round.

I've taken the rural route. But I know security against incoming 'scavengers' would be a big problem.

Yeah, scavengers will be a problem. You will have to take measures to mitigate against them.

Howdy sir preppervetuk! wow this is a very good starter lesson for those thinking about beginning a prepping lifestyle, these are sound basic principles that could save many lives. Excellent advice and post!

Thanks @janton - Appreciate it.

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