Hhahaha I keep hearing it. What's the perfect length for a post? And I already tried to cut out stuff.... :-p

People who really want to read it will say your post wasn't long enough haha, so it really depends on whether or not you want to just make everyone happy. Beyond that, as you be yourself, share your Tina World as is, just the way you are, whether that be short, medium, or long, you surely do attract the right kind of people into your world. Some very popular Steemians post very long posts like you but they have so many fans. Posting long is not a problem for them. Steemit is a book or possibly better than a book.

Thanks @rebeccaontheroof
I see you are writing in German! I will check out your feed tonight! :-)

Thank you for your very kind words @joeyarnoldvn
Yeh... you can't please everyone, that's right :-D
I am just about to post my second article, so it's only 1000 words long hahaha. I splitt up the story in a few articles.. I hope you will enjoy!

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