It's time for an introduction :)

I stumbled upon steemit just by sure luck. I was doing random searches of different altcoins and stumbled upon a steemit article. ... I was instantly hooked and signed up right away.

My first difficult but important task of joining steemit .... One that many likely over look... Choosing a user-name.

I decided to use the name RentMoney as I thought it was funny and cleaver as allot are here to make some money from posts / blogs and content they share. It's a name I sometimes use at the Poker Tables as well and it seems to get a laugh or two, so why not use it for Steemit also. On a side not I recently found out there is steemit poker ( I can't wait to join ).

I have been a member for a little over 2 months and came across some very useful content here on steemit. My first initial reaction was it was going to be a blog site where the readers reward the blog / article authors with upvotes and vice versa. I was very wrong. Steemit is much more then that. Steemit and sites like it are the social media outlets of the future.

I have also come to find out that it is very hard to get noticed so I try'd my luck with a couple bid bots and restreem services to find out most are not worth using. There are plenty of members offering free resteemits that get you similar results.

Since I use some of those free services I thought it would be nice to mention some of the those members here in my introduction post. While I can't gntd they continue to offer free restreemit / upvotes they have had them in the past and deserve some recognition. I can't post them all but if you are new to steemit and want a free resteem or upvote the below list is a good start.

@la2410 / @steven-patrick / @sezenke / @vote-transfer / @fivefreeupvotes

And of course I offer free upvotes and a follow to just about anyone myself @rentmoney

I have also come to find the various competitions here on steemit from the memechallenge hosted by @fibra59 to the numerous movie challenges held by @themovieplace. They are all fun to enter.

While I am giving credit to the members of steemit for the free services they provide I came across some cool novelty accounts called @saysthankyou and @saysyourewelcome. I would recommend checking those two accounts out also.

My most recent article : Delete FaceBook Movement

Thanks for reading and happy steeming everyone !

Upvote - Resteem - Follow !!


Hello @rentmoney!

I noticed you have posted many times since you began your journey on Steemit. That is great! We love active partipants.

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Please take this into consideration and help build a great platform!

Thanks for the information. I used the tag a couple times while still learning how steemit and the tag system worked.

This post is my official introduction.

Thanks for taking the time to help keep steemit spam free :)

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That is cool :)

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And above is another great service on steemit.

Thanks !

Nice Post, I am also new to Steemit and want to connect with new like-minded people. I have started a campaign so we both can get more followers.

Follow/Follow campaign is a fun way to gain more followers on Steemit. This is a cool idea to get more followers - comment on the post ( and I will follow you on Steemit if you follow me.

Nice promotion. I usually run something similar.

I will visit your link and upvote and follow you.

Thanks for your comment - Good Luck with your account !

Hey mate. I've also found that resteem services are rarely useful. Some people like them however I've never gained anything substantial from them.

I have sold my votes through minnowbooster in the past but generally limit this type of behaviour as well. I personally prefer to give my upvotes to deserving content.

Also, if you do want to purchase upvotes then you'll need to use this tool:

Using this site will let you know when the bots listed will be voting next, whether the vote you buy is likely to be profitable or not, and what restrictions there are when using the voting bot (such as the age of the post they will upvote).

@coolbot probably isn't listed on this site. Mainly because their upvote is only worth a few cents.

If you ever need anything you can find me on the PAL discord server. My username there is the same as here.

I use @coolbot for the upvote itself more then the value of the upvote.

That is a great tool you mentioned and am happy you did so.

Thanks for your comment !

No problem at all. I’d recommend @drotto if you want a cheap upvote that has reasonable Steem Power.

I'm also new. Follow back and check out my introduction post

Seem it bro. Best wishes ahead bro

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Haha...Well, I guess your decision to sign up on steemit is the best one yet.
This was a great intro to read @rentmoney
I feel like I know you alittle bit just by reading this.

I know it can be very difficult to get started on here without guidance, so I am extending an invite to you to our discord channel.

In a nutshell...

We are a group of highly passionate & motivated content creators & we are constantly looking for like minded people who'd like to share their journey. We support & learn from one another.If you would like to connect & make some friends then feel free to join our discord :) Here you can connect with people from your country as well.
Be sure to go to the #introduce-yourself section of the discord channel and introduce yourself by following this order;
i. Name ii. Nationality iii.Specialty v. Who invited you on here. (elsiekjay)
vi. Steemit account link/user name(for others to follow)

You can also promote your post in the #post-promotionchannel..

I'll be looking forward to knowing you more on the inside:)

Keep On Steeming....Xoxo

Thanks for the information !

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