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Resteem service

Increase the visibility and reach of your post by using resteem service, @resteemr will resteem it to all its followers. Resteem will work best for you when you have not received enough upvotes, comments and attention. The reasons could be many but it shouldn't stop you from using steemit! Get more visibility and upvotes by using resteem service of @resteemr.

Promoting your own post could be expensive, and you would not want to burn SBD. @resteemr provides resteem service at very low cost. The bot is in alpha mode.

Follow and earn

Follow @resteemr and earn 0.002 SBD !!

This is a limited period offer. The payouts would be daily or weekly. This is for helping each other at steemit and also to gain more followers so that the content is resteemed to maximum number of people. It is a win-win for everyone.

Available on

@resteemr is available on! If any of your resteem request is not fulfilled in 18 hours then DM the details in

Get the resolution of resteem issues by direct messaging @resteemr on


  • Send a tip (atleast 0.001 SBD) and URL in the memo.
  • The post will resteemed only once.
  • Racist, hatred, inflicting, violent, disturbing and #nsfw content will not be resteemed.
  • The tip will be returned if the post is not resteemed.
  • Memo without a valid URL will be considered as donation.

Bonus upvotes

Among the resteem requests, quality posts will be upvoted by @resteemr! Free of cost!

Free SBDs

Watch out for posts from @resteemr regarding free SBD give aways to its followers. This is part of a future plan. Sponsors are welcome!

You don't have to pay for upvote. @resteemr will upvote quality posts. All you need to do is to create quality post. This is to encourage quality post and it will make steemit a better place to blog, share and publish.

If you have any question, post it on comment section.

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Welcome !

Followed, Upvoted and engaged @morwhale, & @abasinkanga for you ;)

Kind regards


This post received a 59% upvote from @morwhale team thanks to @honolulu! For more information, click here! . this is @originalworks . steem @steemprice BTC

$4574.6 USD/BTC
Volume: 50763.95 BTC ($232224635.22 USD)
Last Updated Mon Oct 9 07:23:42 2017
Resteemed to over 5100 followers and 100% upvoted. Thank you for using my service!

Send 0.100 Steem or 0.100 Steem Dollar and the URL in the memo to use the bot.
Read here how the bot from Berlin works.

Welcome to Steemit :)


The @OriginalWorks bot has determined this post by @resteemr to be original material and upvoted it!

To call @OriginalWorks, simply reply to any post with @originalworks or !originalworks in your message!

To enter this post into the daily RESTEEM contest, upvote this comment! The user with the most upvotes on their @OriginalWorks comment will win!

For more information, Click Here! || Click here to participate in the @OriginalWorks sponsored writing contest(125 SBD in prizes)!
Special thanks to @reggaemuffin for being a supporter! Vote him as a witness to help make Steemit a better place!

Hello, @Resteemr, I'm just here to leave a nice Hello ^^. Unfortunately i don't have much voting power, but i will be back and vote my followers. Need to grow a little ^^. Have a great time @rightuppercorner

Thank you bot bro!

Nice, resteemed!

Welcome to steemit.

Thank you @pingapete ! Follow and resteem.

Your post has been resteemed to 1720 followers

Upvote this comment if you like my resteem service

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@resteemrHey how are you doing , let me welcome you to steemit, its an awesome experince, hope you have fun, i have followed you. feel free to follow back @joendegz

Welcome to steemit new bot, may you offer great service to all members with cheap price.

Thank you @robin-ho! Follow and resteem.

Welcome to steemit

Dahm ur doing a good job and making steemit interest. Well done

followed and upvoted. nice n cheaper initiative for us noobs :)

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