The Who? (Untalented #1: Introduce Yourself)

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Who Am I?


It's been almost a week since I last posted my fun art but today I mixed it with my Who Am I entry on @surpassinggoogle's #Untalented.

I'm not really into these kind of things (introducing one's self) but my bestfriend's a "bit" pushy, yup, a "bit" pushy..

Well then, who am I?


Remember the kid or your classmate back in grade school who always sits alone, eats alone, and probably a member of the Going-home club throughout his school life? Wait, are there kids like that? Yes, there are and i'm one of them. Well, I used to be, actually still slightly the same.

If socialization is a talent then I'm really untalented.

Anxious. Everytime I talk to strangers or unfortunately stucked in a social gathering, I feel anxious. The things running in my mind are always "how to end the conversation", how to get out of there", "when can i meet my bed & pillows" and the likes. Talking or socialization was never a part of me, but because "No man is an Island"(-John Donne), I strive to be better. Okay, enough of this great flaw as a social creature. 😸

Next picture...

While isolating myself from socializations, I did learn how to play the guitar & piano. And indulged myself in readings and music.

Later, with enough courage, I started conversing with my classmates longer and started making amigos & buddies. It was tiring but probably one of my best achievement.

I do want to travel every now & then and maybe take pictures of those places and its culture and the people.

And by the way, I do like to hand draw..

tho I'm not really good..

oh, and I love my cat 😸


This is awesome. Love your drawings 😁

thanks :)

Wow, your post is really cool. Can you tell me something more about untalented? I would really appreciate that.

It's a contest or a challenge by surpassinggoogle started a few weeks ago. He wrote, that this contest will be used as means to look into ourselves a bit more & find out new sides to us.
The theme of the first #untalented challenge is "Who you are". You got to introduce yourself creatively & freely.
You should check his blog @surpassinggoogle :)

This was really helpful, thank you so much for the info :)

How do you do your art? Teach me one day please. hehe.
Remember the time I volunteered you to be a leader? lol

yeah i remember, i had troubles but 'twas a very nice experience in the end..

Idol !!! Hehe nice one brother

thanks :)

Remember when you used to ignore me while i try to talk to you?! HAHAHAHA! I can’t believe we’re friends now! LOL

yeah, apparently i did that a lot.. hahah..

Mmm, my support! Keep on steeming

remember the time when you .... nevermind haha! oh well.. nonetheless, a great post coming from a wonderful person! kudos to you! 👏🏼👍🏼

no, i don't remember hahah.. thanks :)

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