Introduce myself

Hello Steem Folks
I am Rabin. I am 23 years old. Currently doing my BSc in Computer and Engineering at Bangladesh Army University of Engineering and Technology (BAUET), Final year Student. I am here because of Interacting with new peoples, friends and learn many new things from steemit. I hope I love steemit and working with it.

Basically, I am a cyclist and Traveler. I love to cycling and also a solo cyclist, traveler.
26171066_967863723351843_7647562227272170628_o.jpg “Ride as much or as little, as long or as short as you feel. ...


Photography is my another passion. I love to take photos with Emotions
Thank you thats my short Intro , you steem guys are amazing


Welcome to steemit, looks like i'm one of the first people here to welcome you! I like to upvote new users when they make new content so follow me if you want me to check out blogs that you post. I make funny videos on my page and look foward to view the content you will be posting. See you around! #Iupvoted


welcome to steemit. carry on bro ☺

Thanks brother i will try

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Troy Green (dynamicryptominer)
USN Veteran & father of 5
I do top 10 articles, memes, growing, mining, investing, travel and photography are a few of my hobbies I post about. (I upvote 90% of all comments on my posts)

Welcome Rabin or Robin

Your #introduceyourself is very nice.
Its All about blogging on this platform and this blockchain. Blogging is it,blog on and you Will be succesfull! 🤛
You Will earn money. 💴💸💰
I blog every day and love it!❤️
Helpfull is the Steemify App its Free in the Appstore go cheque it out. And good luck🍀
Greetings from Brittandjosie - Holland 🇱🇺

Thanks for your compliment . Good to see you

Welcome to Steemit, Brother ! :)

Thank you Brother <3 :)

Great start.... welcome to steemit
I wish u best of luck

Thanks my mama

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