Hey everyone - My first steemit post - Introduce myself, my interests and futher posts

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Introduce myself

Hey boys and girls,

this is my first post on steemit. In this post - I'll introduce myself, my interests and what my posts are about in the futher time.

My name is Robin, 28 years "young" and I'm from germany.

I'm an IT Specialist (Application Manager) for 4 years now - before this I was a trainee for specialist in computer system integration and also trainee for businessman in retail (which I also passed succesfull).

I've two new family-members since the beginning of September and they are doing GREAT !

Introduce my interests

Of course, one of my biggest interests is tech stuff - in every single way.
Cloud Computing, KI, and also crypto (newbie in thisone).

I love games (very much :D ) 

Currently my Playstation 4 Pro is broken (no output on hdmi). I'm currently not sure if I'm going to buy a new one, because the Playstation 5 is nearly there (release Q4 2020).

The game im playing the most (currently and all over) is World of Warcraft (CLASSIC not GOD DAMN RETAIL!!!!)

I actually like every (good) roleplaying game, exspecialy MMORGS.

So, of course, some posts will head to this topic.

Another big interest of mine - is "Life in Space" this means:

  • life on other planets
  • buildings (if there are someone) on other planets
  • spacetraveling
  • ...

I've to say, I'm new to this type of topic (for 1 year now) and still looking for an authentic source for this topic. 

The last and also big interest is inner politics - for several years now. 

I reject the big coalition - since years - so also for this type of interests - there are coming posts (very ciritcal posts - uh yes) .

So, there are the first words about me.

I'm looking forward to have a great time with you all.

Cheers, Robin  - #introduceyourself


Hello @robinxp welcome, It's good see a person like you here, I like games also and actually we have steem blockchain games here, like @steemmonsters and @nextcolony..

Thanks a lot @markjason :) I've just followed the named one.
Hope to hear you again soon - have a nice day 😊

You're welcome, looking forward to see good thind from you

Another big interest of mine - is "Life in Space" this means:

life on other planets
buildings (if there are someone) on other planets
I've to say, I'm new to this type of topic (for 1 year now) and still looking for an authentic source for this topic.

You are welcome, in this case, to use our tag #steemstem whenever you post about this stuff! We are one of the oldest communities on Steem, reward pretty well, and consist of basically Nerds and Scientists. It's run by the founder lemouth, who is a PhD in theoretical physics, and myself, a lowly musician, so clearly anyone is welcome! We have discord etc too if you like =)

Nice 2 know - I'll setup my first post about this later this day :)

Welcome to steem and I hope you have a good time here

Welcome aboard :)


Nice post buddy. Welcome to steemit.

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Thanks mate 😊

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Welcome to steemit @robinxp.

Welcome the new steemians. Have a great day!

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Welcome to Steem! You have taken the first step in achieving many goals here at the crossroads of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and social media. Consistent engagement is needed to progress and grow your following and influence. I am currently working on a weekly post to curate new users and providing them an introduction to the ecosystem. I have selected your post as one I will feature in an upcoming post! In addition, I have published a post that provides great references to assist you in your journey. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or feedback!

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Welcome to steemit! It's really a good platform for the enthusiast writers and for the people who want to share their good work with the world! ;)


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Herzlich Willkommen Robin ,
Schön, dass Sie auf Steemit sind! Du bist jetzt ein neuer Steemianer! Ich habe gerade Ihre Einführung gesehen und es ist schön, Sie kennenzulernen.
Bloggen, Bauen und Erheben von einander ist das, worum es in dieser ständigen Blockchain geht. Und du könntest auch Geld verdienen. Wenn es um Geld geht Es gibt auch Möglichkeiten, gehackt zu werden, also seien Sie immer vorsichtig mit all Ihren Passwörtern. Geben Sie diese niemals auf !!
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Lassen Sie mich wissen, ob dies hilfreich war oder Sie weitere Hilfe benötigen. Ich bin jeden Tag hier!
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Welcome! And if you like games, check Splinterlands and the @steemmonsters account; give it a try, because it's awesome 🙂 Hafe fun in the platform!

Welcome to Steemit! !tip

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if you add this into your post, you will get a lot of attention from readers.

Welcome to Steemit!

Did it :) thx 4 the advise

Aliens, Raumfahrt und Co Find ich auch spannend. Videospiel sowieso.

Wilkom bei steemit 😁

Ich freu mich auf weitere Beiträge.

Hallo Fred :) ,

aktuell bin ich beruflich ziemlich zu - aber die Tage kommt wieder weiterer Content :)


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