Hi Steemit people! Nice to meet you all, i'm Sarah

Hi, stemian today i want to join steemit community, i like steemit for a long time, and after i think, steemit community is very nice ,, please friends to help me in steemit ....

Hi, I am the Sarah behind “Design By Mariska”. A few things that you need to know about me is that I am an Interior Designer, and I am extremely passionate about ART, DESIGN, FOOD and TRAVEL. What is not to love about travelling the world, experiencing amazing art and design while munching on the most amazing dishes that you have never heard of before?

My journey started a few years back, after I packed my bags and took on the adventure of living abroad. It has been some time since I packed those bags for the first time, since then I have lived in two countries, visited twenty one more and have ticked off as many adventures off my bucket list as I possibly could.

From seeing Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night, summiting Kilimanjaro to dining at the highest restaurant in the world. Life has definitely been full of adventures, and I would love to share these experiences with you and hope to encourage you to experience some of them for yourself too.

I have not yet been everywhere in the world but it is surely on my list.

And this is my dad, my dad loves me so much and i love my father too ,, i hope to be together constantly, i love you dad

This is my picture with some of my work, and I really love painting, decorating and art in general, and what I like most is colors and designs

These are my business team

So this is what you will see me posting here, maybe some designs, art paintings or beauty tips, drawing and photographs I have tried in combination with working out ...

Hope you guys follow me and all tips and suggestions are welcome!! 💋

Support and help me in steemit
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Welcome to steemit :D

Hello @sara.ben ! I followed you and UpVoted you!
Very cool that you are here! Steem on!
I wish you happiness! You will be happy on SteemIt!

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Welcome to Steemit!

Welcome to steemit. followed n upvoted

thank you very much , back you follow

welcome! very nice intro! i am upvoted you! and following! give the best @kunani

Heyhey! I saw your fresh account so welcome to the steemit platform. I just upvoted you for this as you deserved it and see you in your next post!
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Welcome to the family

A new Steemian :-) hello @sara.ben I hope you enjoy your time here, its a great community ! Nice post, wish you much luck! I will follow your account. Don't hesitate to contact or follow me at any time :-) See you around @tradewonk

Hi lady welcome to steemit community and its application named esteem.semoga once you can go into this application can make your art got value, your writing useful and useful information for many people. Welcome once beautiful woman @sara.ben

thank you very much

Welcome to Steemit

Welcome Sara, It's amazing to see so much women enjoying this platform. Get the best out of it!

thank you pele

Welcome to steemit my dear, i hope you enjoy this community.

Hi Sarah! Welcome to Steemit :)

Welcome to Steemit [email protected] Hopefully comfortable and well received in this community. Always accept constructive suggestions and criticisms. Hope to continue sharing with all of Steemian around the world. Good luck.