Steemit. The place to be😍😍no doubt

Hullo Steemit, Iam totally excited to be apart of this platform(Still on my introduction hehe)
Im Agaba Sheevan.I live in Uganda. This is by far the best land in Africa hehe, well known ad the Pearl of Africa. We are a great country, very welcoming and hospitable. Ugandans love to meet new people and help out whenever they can which i believe is the beauty of humanity.
I love to dance hahaa...i watch alot and i love love meeting new people. I have a great friend in @ryan122018-05-11-17-38-08-235-1.jpg and it is from him that i learnt about steemit.
Iam very hopeful and i believe steemit will be a great world for me while i relate with a whole lot of people with different ideas and world views.
Did i mention that i love Photography...PicsArt_05-11-07.52.53.jpgI believe in the beauty of nature and love to capture each moment. Thank you steemit for giving me the opportunity to share my views and i look forward to hearing from more Steemians.


Hello welcome to steem Agaba

welcome to the future

Glad to be in the future hehee

Welcome to Steem, @sheevan10!

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Hello @sheevan10, i really learn a lot from your introductory blog that how to properly develop a compact and impressive introduction. for my future reference i put a link to your intro in my blog. please have a look

Awwwwww thank you so much

Hullo @sheevan10! Welcome to Steemit!

This might be the first time in my life to see a girl from uganda and you are pretty i must say. Much love from Nigeria (the best country in africa...hehehe).

Ready and hope to see more from you.

Hahaaaa. Thank you @faithfulomoy. Iknow a few people from Nigeria. You are an incredible state. Very funny people hahaa we watch alot of comedy here from Nigeria and music. Hands down for the music heheee

Awwnn... Really? That's nice. Yeah, We love music.

can i add you on facebook?

Agaba Sheevan please.

Alright. Thanks.

You are very much welcome @sheevan10. Good to have a new fellow Ugandan on the steemit platform. I wish you a wonderful experience.

@yohan2on Im glad to be here myself hehe and more excited that iam meeting fellow ugandans here

Hi Sheevan10,
welcome on steemit!

We are a great country, very welcoming and hospitable.

This is true. I have visited Uganda and was overwhelmed by your warmhearded people.
I wish you a good time on steemit.
Regards, Achim

Aww that is great to know. Thank you Achim

Hello Agaba. Welcome to Steemit. Hope you have fun here.

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Right away😍😍

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Aww. Thank you

Welcome to Steemit @sheevan10 and hope you have a great time here.

Thank you so much @jaraumoses