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RE: Introducing - A Decentralized Question and Answer Platform on Steem!

Awesome idea, I just tried it out! But dang, I wish questions didn't show up as a post on my Steem blog. What solutions are there to prevent that? Does Steemit have to change the way they present content? Do we have to wait for communities?


this is an external issue with steemit as a platform. the growth of steem is going to come through better frontend UIs than steemit, which is just a mishmash of all kinds of stuff with no organization.

There is some kind of organization, at least with having top tags listed in the menu on the left, but otherwise you are right. Some of the steem based sites already have much better UI/UX.

Which ones? I like a bit, it's not bad.

I was thinking of as being the best one, too. The others like,, and need some improvements as well.

Thanks for your insight. It seems like people don't quite want to flood their blogs with q&a content, understandably. For answers, it's possible to keep them as replies or comments. However, for the questions, it's a bit more difficult. While it's definitely feasible with a centralized database, I'm not entirely sure there's an option for doing this on Steem without creating a blog post. Otherwise, how would people reply to your question?

It is something we'll have to think about. Thank you for bringing it up. To centralize or decentralize...

How about creating a parent post where questions will be posted as comments inside rather than individual blog posts that clutter follower feeds? The same rewarding mechanics are used with parent posts and comments.

Tested your app with mobile, looks nice and has a similar feeling to Quora, which of course is only a good thing! Keep up the good work.

I'm glad this is something you guys are trying to solve, because this is a huge barrier for most people. I would personally not ask a question on musing with my main account, just because it would be weird for my followers to see a random question in their feed, when they normally see my blog posts. I hope you are able to find a good solution to this, and in the meantime I will stick to using an alt account ;)

Thanks for your insight. I'm amazed at how helpful our community is.

We are thinking of creating a daily thread where people can ask questions as replies to this daily thread and answer to those questions as sub-threads like in a normal Steemit post/thread if that makes sense. This way, neither questions or answers could flood peoples' blogs. The daily post would capture all the questions along with their answers in one neat thread, preventing anyone from cluttering their blogs.

This is great, and I'm looking forward to when this change goes live. Once it does I will definitely ask questions and answer those I'm knowledgeabout about, but right now it would create way too much spam for my followers, so I have to wait :)

Definitely keep the community updated in this regard. I would love to participate, but would prefer less clogging as a result.

Lol i caught by surprise just like @shenanigator and have converted my post into a suggestion post :)

This was an issue with @whatapp already too, and also with Zappl and Steepshot. Many have started using alt accounts exactly for that reason.

I fully agree with everyone saying that answers should be posted as comments btw. I normally only use my alt account to post on micro-post platforms. To avoid noise on the usual feed, even if that means some may not see my question/zapp/steemhunt/...

Here is how I'd solve that problem. You could create an account like @musing-questions on which all the questions are posted (with the data required to link them to the user who asked them). Then, the answers would be posted as comments on the corresponding post. Then you could keep reference of these questions permlinks along with their subject in a database.

You can make them a parent of null

I also noticed a small bug. The moment I posted a question, it said I asked the question 5 hours ago.

That's a problem that we see on the other Steem dapps as well. It would be great to be able to ask questions on using, post a picture on Steepshot or post a "tweet" on Zappl without cluttering my Steemit blog roll. But this seem like something Steemit Inc. would need to change, because right now is selected to show every type of post.

Ahhh, this is gonna be a problem

Yeah, I'm done answering anymore questions until this is fixed. I don't really want to flood my followers with bunch of random answers.

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