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RE: From Ethereum to Steem

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Hi Erik,

having professional exposure to different blockchains I actually come to the same judgement you do! Community, transaction cost, technology and easy wallets are just so amazing: better than anything out there.
The current steem marketcap is just a joke.
Unfortunately the business (crypto) community out there is just not aware of steem, dapps and games on steem or the steem engine.
Your post sums it up just insanely great!
I will forward this to different key decision makers!

Thanks a lot (also for schmoozing the steem community ;-) )... very much looking forward to your game!


I agree 99% with your comment except the word unfortunately. I would say that we fortunately have more time to build our stacks before we go mainstream.

I get your point.. but since 12 month important decisions at well funded teams are made on which blockchain to roll out their dapp or business model. Of course most venture are able to pivot to another blockchain but that is more easily said than done.. the conversations I am part of usually only consider ERC20 as option one.. and than that's mainly it... and some who know a bit more are also looking on EOS, dash or Neon.. steem never comes up.. and those other blockchains are IMHO nowhere near as where steem is now...

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