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We all know the drama and uncertainity created by people who desperately wanted to continue their cartel on steem and their sheeps who believe what they were told and follow them blindly. When tron bought steem, @justinsun who is founder of revolutinary projects like tron and bittorrent also joined steem to commit and add value and grow the steem ecosystem and intends to use part of the Steemit stake for such executions.

To meet the future roadmap of steem, it needed to reclaim the stake and vote in new witnesses to usher in new policies for a healthier ecosystem and community. But this will lead our so called ex witnesses to loose power to earn free money from their cartel. That's why they decided to create hive, which is exactly copy paste of steem, talk bad about platform which helped them reach this levels and created another chain where they can continue their cartel without caring people and overall development of platform's ecosystem and sadly they had influenced the platform and their sheeps followed.

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When @justinsun removed temporary witnesses and old witnesses were in control they did a softfork click here to know more which lead exchanges freezing accounts and it is extremely hard to withdraw and deposit steem. There are countless examples of what our old witnesses did wrong which deviated away from long term goal and benefit of general people. It is because their only focus was the cartel and how to suck as much steem as they can from reward pool.

That is why we gathered some believers of steem and it's long term goal to create a witness and support steemians and fight cartels which was previously created. While every body is jumping into hive as a sheep we are here to support steem because we believe in steem and confident that steem will progress more in leadership of @justinsun. Further plans about development and our project will be published in another post.

Our witness will soon start validating blocks!

Server Specification:

  • Dell R740 Server
  • Dual Inten Xeon 3.0Ghz Processor
  • 1tb * 6 SSD
  • 128 GB Ram


As steemconnect is down right now we will be working as temporary signer to ensure smooth running of steem's apps. All modules of steemconnect is available here.

Steem was best and it will always be! ❤

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i have always supported steem and loved it .. i will also support you

That's what's up welcome!!

was just testing the bot -- lol

Nice good work - can we vote for your Witness now?

you can vote for the witness now

not yet ,, we are currently replaying the block chain data , which will normally takes 5 days as of today .. we will do an official witness announcement post once we start validating blocks

Resteemed. Good to hear more are confident Steem has a future. 👍🏻💕

Steem definitely has a future ❤

I am glad to hear this news, all doubts yesterday disappeared.
Steem is getting ahead.👍🚀

No doubts steem will be great as it always is!

All the best, welcome and we need more projects that are positive and that think for the good of the blockchain. Thanks for your job. :)

I am very supportive of all these programs with enthusiasm and motivation that brings luck on the platform. Thank.....

Let's go #steem>hive #steemvhive I'm so happy!

Yet another trolling scam!! Great work!!

I mean your milking @project-goblin!!
As your burning posts project!!

Thanks for shout out. You are great community member.

we shall always support steem no matter whatsoever

You better do winky face

Greetings @steem-supporter, Welcome to the steemit network!


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@steem-supporter, Welcome on board ! Here are few tips for you! - Post regularly but dont spam, focus on good quality post.- Be interactive, comment, upvote and make friends.- Learn to make your post attractive.- Join discord community and other communities. Here is a community for you to join!Group 5.pngWitness are who run the blockchain, you can vote who should run blockchain, vote @steem-supporter as witness. We care about our blockchain, its long term value and always fight for everyone including minnows.Part of our Steem Power is always used to Help users like you to grow.

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This post is full of misinformation and is straight up wrong.

  1. The former witnesses never had any control over the steemit stake.
  2. The new witnesses have no control over the steemit stake
  3. The steemit stake controls the current top 30 witnesses and they are changed on a whim by a single account's vote particularly when a controversial HF is planned. This has been the case every day since 22.5. The old witnesses were never back in total control.
  4. Regarding the caring people, the vast majority of the development community, witness community and content creation community went to #hive. Take a look at the top 500 witnesses for evidence.
  5. Justin Sun never "removed the temporary witnesses" leaving the old witnesses in control. He did not hand pick successors until after Hive was created.
  6. No exchanges ever froze accounts. Justin Sun tricked them into powering up their customers' funds. This meant that those funds were locked into the 13 week power down time frame which was a rule of the blockchain at that time. This was a decision by Justin Sun and the exchanges involved.
  7. A cartel would be a centralized organization. These members were not that and many of them were enemies of each other. They only banded together when presented with the threat of Justin Sun.
  8. There is no need to battle with members of any other chain. You should care only about fairness on this chain. What account do on other chains are of no consequence to you.
  9. All of the accounts which you tagged are all controlled by the same people