Hi friends my name is Ali usmani from pakistan i am 18 year old young boy i am a student image


Nice to have you here on Steemit community :)
One tip for you as a new user:
Comment on many posts that interest you and that you have the most knowledge of yourself, this will help the steemit community and your steem wallet.
Good luck.

Welcome to Steemit, @ steem.ali. I hope you enjoy and make many friends.
You know ... publish, comment, smile ...

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Welcome to steemit community @Ali usmani bro
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Welcome bro in steemit family. We ll sure that helping each other is good for us.

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welcome @steem.ali on Steem Blockchain! I followed you :) I think you will create nice content on Steem. Please follow my general account. Click this link! :) Have a nice day dude!


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Have a nice day!


Welcome to steemit, steem.ali! Nice to meet you! I really hope you become successful in this platform!

What content you plan to provide in the steemit platform? Hope you enjoy your experience here! Feel free to check out my blog posts too incase you find something there that interests you. :)

And you can come join my Discord group where we help new members like you get more exposure on Steemit:

If you do not have a Discord, making one is very easy! If you need help setting it up, I will be glad to do so. Great Intro post! Upvoted!

Hi @steem.ali , Welcome to steemit community & Wish you great success a head.


Welcome to Steem, @steem.ali!

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Glad you made it to this platform from your beautiful country!

Welcome Ali to steemit. What is your area of study?

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