Introducing Steempeninsula.

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Dear steem community,

As part of our culture here on steemit; to take further steps, go extra miles to reach milestones to provide solutions to existing and foreseeable problems of our immediate environment and the world at large, we are pleased to announce the existence of @steempeninsula to partake in the numerous community functions.

Who are behind this project?



@steempeninsula sprung forth from the project leader @bob-elr with amazing team of likeminds - @tormiwah, @gee1, @zeechan003, @pasaift, @adetola after brainstorming how our activities can be of usefulness, adding significant value to the world around us.

Motivators -Team leader added.



  • I was under the presentation of @ehiboss and team at the first steemit in nigeria event held at the school hall of OAU Ile-ife, Osun State, Nigeria in 2017. The video presentations by @lukestokes and @maryfavour was fuel to my vehicle.
  • Steemit meet up held in Enugu, Nigeria - organised by @theheralds and team taught me about the offline decentralization from @ejemai 's presentation.
  • The recent Ibadan meet up by @tojukaka and team unleashed the future of steemit and what it holds.

About Us

We are a team with common goal, interest and likemind, ready to accommodate more people willing to see from our perspectives, who have realised the opportunities in the existence of the steemit/steem blockchain and the need to tap into them using the protocol "Proof of brain" to build a better world to live in.

  • Like water surrounding a land with an isthmus, we want to build a world of change and knowledge around us through this amazing platform.
    @steempeninsula is an official account for the project with a proposed set of isthmuses in the near future, supported by #steemnaira.
  • A formidable project that is set at giving educational to all and sundry across every walks of life within our reach. Such provision shall include but not limited to COMPUTER EXPOSURE AND APPLICATION, ONLINE AND OFFLINE ADVANCE TRAINING PROGRAMMES FOR ALL LEVELS, ORIENTATION TO DIGITAL AND INFORMATION WORLD, COMPUTER PROGRAMMES - GRAPHICS, PROGRAMMING ETC.

Our core value is to ensure everyone that is within reach, have access to acquire knowledge and skills on various computer courses as we may set out in our memorandum at anytime.

@Steempeninsula shall also be rewarding every contributors, professionals and participants in this programme in our capacity.

We believe

...In enacting change at every slight touch of opportunity, of which steemit/steem blockchain has created enough atmosphere for birds to fly.

  • We are a project that will partake in the community development functions, rendering some charity programmes and promoting steemit/steem blockchain.

Our Objectives/goals/target



  • Spreading the virus of (steemit) to every target host.
  • Giving life to every dead bones.
  • Giving hope to the hopeless.
  • Significantly increase the number of users (potential) of this great platform - steemit
  • Taking CHANGE to every thresholds.


We have saddled ourselves with :

  • Turning a worst situation to good.
  • Promoting this platform as long as it exists.



Short contest

Of course every projects must have a face - something with which they can be recognised.

We Need A Logo

As part of our functions, we have decided to throw this part to the general public to put up a befitting logo for our project.


Steem logo + peninsula blended together



The images are sourced from .

Either of the two can be used for the logo.


  • Provide all proof of work.
  • Logo must not be found anywhere.
  • Upvoting this post is optional but resteem is required.
  • Contest open until 4th of March 12am CAT.


We are new, and we have not much to give at this time but we will compensate the best logo With 3 SBD which will be funded by the team leader.

We will also give two upvotes on two posts of the winner at 100%.

The judges shall be the TEAM MEMBERS.


We will not miss to recognise various projects and leaders that have added value to the community with significant benevolence.

@surpassinggoogle of steemgigs and teardrops.

@ehiboss ,@gloglo,@destinysaid, @illuminatus and others , of genesis-project.

@gbenga the Nigerian curator and motivational writer.


@ejemai of STACH


@fisteganos of onequality.

@eurogee, @smyle, @drigwe-eu, @sweetestglo-eu, @adoore-eu, @jeaniepearl, @bob-elr, @edith4angelseu, @dray91-eu of euronation


@michaelcj and team of steemnaira.


@nairadaddy and team of air-clinic


@maryfavour of redfishpillar.

@tojukaka of the Ibadan team.

@Ewuoso of steembees

@ogochukwu of bluwaves,

We will also say a big thank you for good job done by these steemians who give heartily to the community - @aggroed, @pharesim, @penguinpablo, @liberosist, @curie project, @teamsteem and overall @ned for the amazing platform.

There are set of people who are regarded as the steemit's lifejacket. They're called witnesses.

Their persistent activities greatly determine the success of this platform.

They deserve and need our votes. So take some minutes to visit here to vote for witness of your choice.

Should you intend to be our sponsor or give us your support, kindly make it a pleasure to contact the team leader @bob-elr on discord server

Join our Discord server for more update.

Thank you as you read and resteem our post


Hello friend,

Contest closed.

Hello 👋, welcome 🙏


This is good am glad the project is becoming more realistic day by day

Thank you my friend.

Nice initiative ...a welcome development

Hello steempeninsula, welcome to Steemit! :-)

its amazing project and i hope you will make it better on every round and make it big like a gennisproject live long steempeninsula

Super post, love, and initiative! I’m working on a local Steemit “event” right now, let’s keep each other updated ;)

That's nice to hear. You can reach us via our discord link at the base of this post.

This is a good initiative. @Bob-elr.
Great job to all the leaders.
We look forward to the greatness of the steempeninsula

It's good to see you around.

Welcome to Steemit, it is a really great project idea.

This is my entry for the steempeninsula logo contest steempeninsula4.png

Click here to view my post on proposed steempeninsula logo.


Thank you for participating. Entry is confirmed.

Welcome to Steem @steempeninsula.

Do read A thumb rule for steemit minnows - 50:100:200:25 for starter tips.

Spend time reading Steem Blue Paper to know how Steem blockchian works and if you still have any queries ask them on our Ask me anything about Steemit post and we will try to answer that.

All the Best!!!

Upvoted and resteem