Hello Steemit community! Welcome aboard!

I am glad to be on this site and want to become acquainted with everybody (each of you). My name is Anastasia, I am from Russia. I am a stewardess on international flights, that is why I always travel. Also I’m photographer, artist, making 3D models, get involved in dancing and sport, overall I am very cheerful girl!

Рада находиться на этом сайте и хочу познакомиться с каждым из Вас! Меня зовут Анастасия, я из России. Я бортпроводница на международных рейсах поэтому постоянно путешествую, фотограф, художник, моделирую в 3-д, увлекаюсь танцами и спортом, и очень жизнерадостная девушка!
I am interested in cryptocurrency and everything that touches it (that connected with it). I have drawn a logotype of Steemit in style of our state flag of Russia.

Мне интересна криптовалюта и все что с ней связано, Я нарисовала логотип Steemit в стиле нашего государственного флага России.
Do you like it? :)
This is my badge which I do not part with even in the sky, also let it be my business card here.

Это мой бейджик с которым я не расстаюсь в небе, пусть будет и здесь моей визиткой. beidzh.jpg
I will rejoice you with such photos from the aircraft, because the best landscapes open from the top! I hope that I will explore the site quickly and make you happy with the best stories and photos, I will be glad to see you in subscribers.
Please, let me know if you like my profession and would like to work in the sky?

Буду радовать Вас такими фотографиями с борта самолета, ведь лучшие пейзажи открываются с высоты!
Надеюсь быстро изучить сайт и радовать в дальнейшем Вас лучшими рассказами и фотографиями, буду рада если увижу Вас у себя в подписчиках!
Напишите, нравится ли Вам моя профессия и хотели бы Вы работать в небе? my_ofice.jpg
Thank you for attention, follow me and I will reciprocate.

Спасибо что обратили внимание на меня, следуйте за мной и я отвечу взаимностью!


Welcome to Steemit!

Thanks for the support, I'm very pleased that you meet me so! :)

Welcome! I look forward to following your journey :)

hi @trogdor
I just joined steemit and post for the first time
please look and upvoted :)

Glad you are here . I am flying from USA to Bahamas in morning .. I will follow along with you ,, Jkenny

Great, now we are united not only by the sky but also by steemit! :)


welcome to steemit @stewardessa...... nice to see you here


Privet NASTIA iz Michigan ,.....Welcome to STEEM board

Thank you! I already like it here!

I follow you

Hello and Welcome to the Steemit Community! :)

warm Welcome aboard Steemit. keep flying high in Steemit like a free bird --;}@

Hi Anastasia,
Welcome aboard Steemit. Everyone is flying high in Steemit. You will be our wonderful stewardessa.

Your job is perfect for making travel posts on Steemit! Welcome to the platform! It's a great place with a wonderful community. I hope that you do well here.

Thanks for the kind words!

Welcome to Steemit. Hopefully, we'll learn something new from you. Have a great day.

welcome in steemit you look wonderful lovely shots

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Thank you for your help in your endeavors.

Hello Анастасия!
I am looking forward for your beautiful airplane photos!
And regarding your profession, well, without you, airplanes would be far more uncomfortable and unpleasant!
I just hope that people who are flying on your watch are not some grumpy people who always complain and terrorize you and other personnel on board!

Welcome aboard steemit!

Hello, thank you!
Basically, they are kind and positive people, because we treat them the same way!

Welcome to Steemit! Looking forward to gorgeous photos taken during your flights. Upvoted & followed!

Thank you, I will definitely share with you!

Selamat datang di steemit

I'm glad to see people from different countries!

Haha that is so cool Anastasia! Welcome to Steemit and I look forward to seeing your future photos and posts :)

Thank you for subscribing, I will post them regularly)

follow me too

Welcome to steemit! Hope you feel at home and welcomed by the wonderful community!
Feel free to ask us any questions. Steemit can seem very confusing to understand at first, but dont worry, we are here to help! :)

Thank you, I'm grateful for your support!

Welcome and nice to meet you, Anastasia.

Thank you, and I'm very pleased!

Welcome! Your job looks amazing!

Thank you, I knew from my childhood that I would become a stewardess!

@stewardessa, your welcome to this wonderful community. Your pretty angel, the pictures are lovely, and your steemit badge is excellent. You must have had a lot of experience while flying. I wish you success.

Thanks for the kind words, very nice!

Welcome aboard! Can't wait to see your travel photos

Thank you, I will try to do it as soon as possible :)

Welcome to steemit platform, you are very beautiful, Nice to meet you ,, warm regards from me indonesia

Thanks, steemit unites people

selamat datang di steemit saya semoga anda membuat steemit lebih maju Dan tentunya saya berharap anda Mau menjadi kawan sayawelcome to steemit I hope you can make steemit more advanced And of course I hope you Want to be my friend @stewardessa

Thank you, of course, let's be friends

Welcome to steem it

Have a nice day!

Hi Anastasia, Welcome to the steemit platform, I am very happy to meet you as a flight attendant, the stewardess is very beautiful, neat, friendly and very polite. A warm welcome from me, Aceh - Indonesia

Hi, thanks Aceh for the kind words!

You're welcome 😉

Welcome to steemit:)

Thank you for your hospitality :)

I wish I had a job that pays me to travel to different places like you, i'm sure the view is more than worth the hard time. Welcome to Steemit! :)

Well hello and welcome to SteemIt make yourself at home!

What a perfect combination! A professional traveler who takes amazing photos! Please take us with you on your adventures!

я обожаю небо! и с удовольствием бы поработала там))

весной подавалась в Эмиратс, к сожалению, безрезультатно:(
А так, ваша работа - со стороны просто мечтой выглядит!

Welcome to the community. Just joined up myself. Enjoy

good post friends ,,, I like it, I ask for a moment, make upvote and resteem, my blog for a moment

Добро пожаловать на Steemit, Анастасия!

Hi! I’m super happy you joined Steemit! I’m brand new to Steemit and it’s wonderful to see other Steemian’s join the community. Keep posting. I’d love to see more ☺
Be sure to follow my account @zoewilliamson
Best of luck to you!

Glad to meet you!

@stewardessa so cute upvoted

Welcome to Steemit Community @stewardessa.

hi @stewardessa. welcome to steemit! :)

Nice to meet you!

Have a safe trip and stay safe 🙏 stewardessa

Добро пожаловать на борт Стимита )))

Welcome Anastasia, i wish you luck and success

Thank you for your wishes!

You're welcome :-)

Welcome and goodluck!

A beautiful welcome to you. I hope you enjoy your stay here.

Yes, I also really hope

Nice intro, @stewardessa! Welcome and hoping to see pics of all your travels and your 3d models :)

Welcome to steemit, nice job.steemit all d way cant wait to see more posts from you.you just won me following u;congrats

You sound very cheerful, Welcome to steemit !

Welcome to Steemit! As a frequent traveler, I can't wait to see the photos from your airline adventures!

Your steemit logo is beautiful. Loved to see your love for steemit. Will follow you for for your good work.

Welcome onboard... Its a privilege to have someone like you in this lovely community. Trust me. You will enjoy every bit of your stay here. Welcome!!!

What a nice job!!!! Welcome! I am new too, please visit my post. :)

Hi stewardessa.nice to know you .and I am also like your work as a steward.you are very cute and pretty.welcome to steemit

Добродошла ! Cheers !

Welcome to steemit community, insight, experience and knowledge banayak once here we live just how to take and learn it and you also can share anything interesting to be published in this steemit, salam know from me @teukukhaidir. thank you

Thank you, somehow I'll drop by to see you

nice to meet you my friend :)

Welcome to Steemit!

Hi @stewardessa, welcome aboard.

From a fellow Steemit starter here in the Philippines,


Welcome. What a beautiful country you come from. Russia is my long long awaited dream which I hope to fulfill with the help of Steemit

Hello Welcome to this great community.

Hey welcome to Steemit! Its a great place hope you will enjoy here !! I am too newbie here !!
I have followed you on Steemit, please be kind enough to follow me as well.Enjoy Steemit !! Good luck!!Following your post!!

Hellooo theeere! Welcome to Steemit! And woooow life in the sky! I am also new here so I wish you warm welcome and to enjoy the community :))

Welcome, you have very intresting job)))

Hello Poland, often you go!

Welcome to Steemit @stewardessa :)

I love flying, but I don't know if I would do it every day for my job.
It will give you exciting stories to share on Steemit though!

Someday we can meet on same plane..lol. What a pretty stewardess. You can the pilot to join this one.

Welcome to Steemit!

hello hello pretty girl welcome to the steemit community, is never too old to start new financial alternatives. I wish you the best.
do not forget to follow me
I invite you to read my post I know that you would like to share with friend and family
give me up vote and comment.
together we can help each other

Privjet and welcome to the steemit community :D

Welcome. Looking forward to seeing your many adventures.

Every flight is an adventure, thank you!

Welcome to Steemit Anastasia. Great intro. We look forward to hearing all about your travels.

welcome to steemit, I'm glad to see you very cheerful. I want to follow your step to fly into space with steemit.

Welcome on board Anastasia, looking forward towards working with u in future.
Follow me on steemit....@felixdrex

Hello @stewardessa! I had just joined Steemit, I'm happy to be known to you!

Hello! I clicked your post because of your picture with your stewardess uniform on, you look really beautiful! I would really like to draw it!

Welcome to steemit! you will love the platform is great.

Welcome :)
May the force be with you <3
"Live Long and Prosper"- Captain Spock

Welcome on board pretty @stewardessa
Your submission is pretty, awesome job you doing . I hope you follow me back as promised, I love friendship

Hi @stewardessa, i'm from Aceh, Indonesia. I just followed you and very please to meet you on steemit!

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Welcome! That steemit logo is so cool and original!


Да, от халявных билетов я бы не отказался)) Так что я за вами последовал)

Hi and welcome Anastasia,
I'm looking forward to your crazy airplane stories ;-)

Welcome Anastasia..

Hi Anastasia from Russia....welcome to the community. I hope to see more of your posts and work. Pics from up top are definitely some of the best. :) Best to you on #steemit and in 2018.

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