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RE: Perkenalan diri wanita 28 tahun asal Bandung Indonesia ( Introduction of a self-made 28-year-old woman from Bandung Indonesia )

in #introduceyourself4 years ago

Wanted to stop by and give you a warm welcome to Steemit. The community's awesome and everyone is super helpful so if you have a question, ask away. Glad I can be one of your first "upvotes" and hope you keep in touch.

Here's a sample post I just put up that you can look at, to get an idea. It's live so if you "UPVOTE" it, you'll get a piece of the curation (means you'll get a piece of money, amount show in post):
Within the Temple of Luang Phor Toh <------- Click

I look forward to reading your posts & pleasure meeting you. Welcome to Steemit!

Keep in Touch: @stewsak

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