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RE: From Ethereum to Steem

in #introduceyourself2 years ago

Hi and a late welcome to the Steem blockchain!
It's good to see more fun games around, apps like that keep the chain alive.

I'm with BuiltTeam, a group of people who create apps specifically for the Steem blockchain, often in cooperation with other projects. One example would be TokenBB, which is a Steem-based forum platform and already used by two other Steem games (Drugwars and Splinterlands).

With Splinterlands, currently the most popular Steem game, we recently struck a deal to sell their merch in our shop:

In the shop, you can only pay with STEEM/SBD, which encourages people to use it as currency instead of selling for BTC.

If you're interested, and don't have your own merch shop of course, you could start selling your own merch through us.

Let me know what you think, you can find me on discord with the handle Suesa#4095