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RE: New STEEM based gaming platform -

Hi, @cwow2
We're new to Steem.
We noticed the potential in this blockchain and decided to create this project right here. We have a lot of ideas and plans to develop the Tavern.
We hope that you will like our efforts :)


So the dev behind this game doesn't have a steem account therefore no trust with the blockchain?

Developers have accounts on the steem but I don't know if it can tell you anything.
We have been monitoring steem since April 2019, we want to be known as TavernGames and make it a brand.
As the best form of trust is that we do not store user keys anywhere by using SteemConnect, and we do not have a deposit. We send prize payments directly to your account.
Additionally, you can check us out for free by finishing onboarding and receiving a beginner's chest.

Is @roelandp the dev then? :)
or even related to the product?

No, we don't know who is he 🙂@imperfect-one recommended Steem to the head Tavern developer.

I was just looking at the recovery account for taverngames ^^ Which is an account whos recovery acc is roeland

But that would then said it was created by and the account was not another account which is tied to Roe :)

I am just wondering who is behind this.
Like they other dapps, we know who they are and therefore we trust them :)

Not wanting to tell who is behind this, seems very shady to me :)

The answer is simple - one very talented developer that I personally encouraged to get to know with the steem blockchain. He is not known in the community, because he had never posted or voted anything before. Therefore, there is nothing to be told about the person behind this, because no one knows him here. Yet. Stop spreading some crazy conspiracy theories please - there is no such in this case. Eight months ago he wasn't even aware of existing of the steem. Then he learned and now he is presenting his product to the community. That's all the "mistery" you are trying to solve.

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