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Here goes nothing.
Hi Steemers? Steemites? Ahhh... Steemians!!!
Okay, I'm Chioma Jane Ofoma.
Med Student, 22, terrified of cockroaches and that's about it.
Oh, why I'm here? Well, certain people who may or may not have been lying to me have told me on some occasions that I'm a great writer so what better place to be eh?

This should be a wonderful experience.


hi Chioma this is nma...yeah its fun her
s!!!! think i just saw
one under your bed. lol

Welcome. May you find good friends here and may you have fun.

Welcome on board my darling. You are a great writer and i know you will enjoy this space

So great to have you here

Hiiiii, im terrified more of flying cockroaches...nice to meet you