Introducing: Free Fishbank Crypto-Fish Referral Thread

I want to start a little group here where we can help each other earn our first fish in this new game. I'm sure you have heard of cryptokitties, but now there is a new game with fish. Since the game is not yet released and we are getting in early there is a chance for us to earn a free fish by referring people.

Here is a preview of the free fish that you can earn:

Please use my referral link to sign up:

Using my referral link will not hurt you, but it will help me. After you signup please come back here and post your referral link in the comments thread, so that others can help you earn a fish. It only takes 3 referrals to earn the lowest level fish. Please resteem and get this thread going so we can get a lot of Steemians in at the ground floor while its free.


Thanks for starting this thread, my referral link is:

Thank you for letting us know about this. I'll definitely signup and help you earn a free fish. Here is my referral link:

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I've already started, but I'll upvote and resteem to get this post around!

Thank you, I appreciate that!

is little difficult to anderstand this game

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