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Hello, fellow steeminians!

After some lurking around the steemit platform and learning a bit how things work around here, I decided to write another introduction post and explain my frustratingly-creative process of composing :)

I won't bother u with all the mambo-jambo and the technical or harmonical aspect of composing but will try to guide u through my own process how i do things in my own way in a funny/relaxed environment.

For all the people that are here just for the music, watch the video below.

Wow, U are still here? Looks like I got your attention! Please keep reading.

1.THE INTRODUCTION (0:00-0:49)

Every great and not so great piece of music starts with just an idea. A simple, vivid motive that is immediately stuck into your head, doesn't let u go and is always present in the deepest subconscious of your mind. It doesn't matter if it is a good or bad one or 100% genius, the only important thing is that now u have some original(hopefully) material to work with and a chance at expressing yourself. U immediately feel the rush of the adrenaline and soon realise that u are on to something.

Successssss!!!!!We just made up the first 6 seconds of a new composition!! giphy (1).gif

Yup, just learned how to insert giffs in a blog, great successsss!

Now that we have our little musical introduction its time to go further. What to do next?

Hmmm..... lets put a few interesting chords together with some arpeggios in a typical Andalusian cadence, with a zapateado (6+6) rhythm but twist it to still sound fresh enough to be disguised as an original work. Add a simple build up at the end, nothing major (we will use this build up again in the future) and vuala! We 've just made around 50 seconds and are ready to move to the next phase of our composition;

2.THE THEME (0:50-1:54)

The theme is the backbone of our music piece, it is the foundation that we can build on. We can shape it, twist it around, mould it into something pleasant, strange, different and possibly unique of its kind. Basically, the correlation between theme/ composition is what BTC is for Crypto. If btc is shaky and in a bear market, everything will follow his path :)
If we manage to put together a nice, entertaining, recognisable melody, something that our listener can relate to in the future we did a great job!

Up to this point, everything was easy......


So, as a happy ignorant masochist now we venture into the next dark abyss and torture that is known as the build-up!

3.THE BUILD-UP (1:54-end)

The build-up should be considered the centre of a music piece. This is our time to shine, to show off our imagination, our technical skills, make previous ideas evolve, interconnect and gradually adding suspense to the piece until we reach the climax.

Basically, we are making a beautiful ascending triangle that will catapult us to new all-time highs :)

As soon as we break the "imaginary resistance zone" new ideas start flowing in. Ideas, theme, build up, all interconnect and expand resulting in forming a bee-like colony that unanimously works togather a common goal; reaching the apex.

This is a rare and special moment for me. I open my mind to new possibilities, concentrate, breathe in, breath out and when I am relaxed enough with my eyes closed, Oo04a.gif
notes start popping and dancing around, producing musical phrases, new chords, that interact together forming an endless puzzle that is trying to solve itself in a perfect homogeneous mathematical harmony.


It doesn't work like that, NOPE!, never happened, never will. Unfortunately, we live in reality and not in some beautiful mind cracking code scene.

The picture below represents what is realy happening in my mind when I realise that have zero, nada, 0, ništa, 1-1, null ideas what to do next $%&$?? and that i am stuck in a circulus vicious.


So, how i manage to solve this problem?

On a long run, just wait and HODL to that idea until it matures up into something satisfying.

But for now, i just put together some cheap chords and bash that guitar till exhaustion, in a mariachy stile.


This should work well enough :)

That is all for now. In the next part(part2) I will show u how this musical piece evolved over the last 3 months so u guys can check the similarities and the development.

Ps; Tried to embed a video from Dtube but says ; (Unsupported


Any idea how to fix it?
tenor (1).gif


You're so talented and I was so amazed how quick your hand is on ticking is that the right term lol, on the guitar string. I hope @bonjovey will notice this video to inspire her more on her guitar lesson. =)

I am glad u like it :)

Welcome to Steemit @tomista!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

Here are some links you might find useful.
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Let me know if I can help.
Many blessings! @bycoleman

Thank you! Will check the links u mentioned asap :)

Dude, that was awesome..
Really enjoyed the accompanying blog post too!! :D

WOW, and big LOL. Had great fun reading your article! Looking forward to your next ones!

I am glad people on steemit get this kind of humour. Thanks

I certainly do! :)

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