Manka’a Grace Niba - introduction of our new TREE PLANTER who is gonna work as our content creator on Steemit to raise awareness of environmental issues

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My name is Manka’a Grace Niba. I grew up with my family in the Southwestern part of Cameroon in a small town called Limbe. I am the eldest in a family of five. Growing up in a community where teenage pregnancy was rampant made me, even more, determined to study hard and become that example for my peers to follow. In my pursuit to be that example, I study hard and obtained the certificates that guarantee my entry into the university. I enrolled in the University of Buea and study Environmental Science. After obtaining a Bachelor Degree in Environmental Science in 2013 my goal was to enroll for a Master programme to study Solid Waste Management. While waiting for the academic year to begin so that I could enroll I volunteered with the Limbe Wildlife Centre commonly called in my area “Zoo”. While at the centre my love for wildlife conservation became to grow. It grew stronger to wideout my plans to study Solid Waste Management. At the centre, I was part of the education team working as a tour guide. My duties involved educating visitors on the importance of wildlife and also feeding animals.


At this juncture, I enrolled in a Master program in 2014 to study Biodiversity Conservation in one of the higher institutions in my area. During my coursework, I frequently participated in field work where I collected data on large mammals with the focus on the Cross River Gorilla and Nigerian-Cameroon Chimpanzee in the Tofala Hill Wildlife Sanctuary and the proposed Mak-Betchou Wildlife Sanctuary in the Lebialem Highlands of Southwest Cameroon. I also collected biological and socioeconomic data on the Goliath frog (Conraua goliath) of Mt Nlonako Littoral region of Cameroon as part of a partial fulfillment for the award of a Master degree in Biodiversity Conservation.

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While still in school I pick up my first job in January 2017 as a junior wildlife biologist and later as the Assistant Research Coordination with The Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF) base in Buea. In September 2017 I was awarded an MSc in Biodiversity Conservation. After my MSc degree, I continued working for The Environment and Rural Development Foundation until July 2018.

In my journey to widen my conservation skills, I pick up my second and current job with The Kedjom-Keku Association (Czech NGO). The main activity of my new job at first entails writing environmental articles to sensitize the world around us on the environmental hazard the earth is facing and the dangers of human action to the environment and train all members of Kedjom-Keku CASUD to increase our awareness-raising effort. I am going to use my previous experience and knowledge to bring new ideas into the conservation effort in Kedjom-Keku and other parts of Bamenda Highlands as well as participating in all conservation activities at the same place. When we raise funding for our research projects I am going to continue with my research career.

As a young girl working in the field of conservation which is less occupied by women has given me the satisfaction and confidence I need among my peers. It has and is still helping me to live my goal of being that example in my community. I am now able to be that source encouragement in my community to tell young girls that if I could study and got a job to impact other people’s lives then they too can do it and do it even better.

Manka Grace
director of Steemit awareness raising campaigns of @kedjom-keku association

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I've worked as a counselor at camps, in the woods, the forest. Love animals. Now, I eat from my gardens. Love your smile.

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