Who is @tribedownsouth??

Tribe and/or //i.s.a.a.c. here, it's insane to think it has already been a year since I joined Steemit! I found nothing but great information and even better people associated here. It truly has been an interesting year of posting=]

*about me*
  • I live in a small town near Charlotte, NC. I help run my father's business( think a small convenience store with pizza, fried chicken and wedges=P) and go to school in between my days working. I am currently still in school with about a year or so left in my IT degree. Though admittedly...I am not too sure what I would really like to do with that degree when I'm done...I have a knack for fixing/diagnosing and enjoy crypto but I believe a job where I sit in an office or cubicle all day would bore me to tears! In fact, I know it's boring, I tried applying at places nearby and was not happy. My internship at a computer repair store was muuuuch more relaxing and chill, might go back there if anything! I love traveling and meeting new people so I believe music is my best outing for my conflicting goals. If I had it my way, I would buy a nice ol' van and drive around, singing and playing my life away. But it does not pay the bills, =[.
    Hence why computer tech is my 2nd option, haha!

-It all started with Steemit by a friend forwarding me to this website, I found #openmic weekly posts and the rest is history!

*music/goals on steemit*

  • I run multiple accounts on reverbnation, instagram, fb page, youtube, soundcloud, reddit, and of course Steemit.

  • My goal is to start playing out at shows again by the end of this month so expect some live stuff coming.

  • I am also starting the weekly posting of #lofifriday where I and hopefully others will start posting every friday with their beats and lofi material. I've seen some people on here with some samplers and I think this could be a fun and entertaining idea. More thoughts on this in my first #lofifriday and beat post coming after this post!

-Steemit artist compilation #5 by @soundlegion comes out today look/listen for my song on the post!

love you all!
here's to another year


You are cool and love pizza and I'm from Oregon.

Lol, i make them! Daily😅
Thank you joey, hows oregon treatin yah?

Oregon is good. I am near Seattle.

A warm welcome to Steemit. This is a great community and I know you will have a great time here.

Thank you, but as mentioned in my post this is after a year of joining! I'm having loads of fun😎

Welcome to Steem, @tribedownsouth!

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