Introductory Post: How TUDA (Tutor's Diary) Began

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Hello Steemians,

We are Team TUDA, making our first introductory post on Steemit. Team TUDA ( is all excited to introduce ourselves to you. Many of you could be quite unfamiliar with what TUDA is. Simply put, TUDA is a universal contents-incentivized, educational platform that will ultimately be on the SMT protocol.

Before we jump into what TUDA is in more detail, maybe it will be better for us to give you a bit of our background on how this long journey began.

TUDA was actually built as a test service in Korea, where private tutoring is very widely utilized. According to a survey by South Korea’s Statistics Agency and the Ministry of Education, monthly expenditures on private education reached US$500 per high school student in 2017. During the testing phase, our team was fascinated by blockchain technology and came into a conclusion that adopting blockchain could solve a number of problems that the current education system has, such as increase a teacher's earning potential, improve the trust and comfort to parents or paying users, and create a self-sustaining ecosystem to keep the best quality teachers on board.

TUDA (Tutor’s Diary) is a blockchain platform with a key focus on 3 areas:

  1. Increase a Teacher's Earning Potential and Power
    The knowledge-sharing communities among tutors leveraged by the wisdom of the crowd to assess the value of content and distribute tokens to it (referred to as “Proof-of-Brain” with the SMT protocol)

  2. Improve the Trust and Comfort given to Parents about Teachers & Teaching Strategies
    An interaction between tutors and students and transparent transaction of talent/fees ensured by TUDA's blockchain technology

  3. Curated Educational Contents
    “Smart and social” content creation and curation of educational materials enhanced by tokenized incentives

Different Than the Others
Most tutoring services on the web focuses on the class itself, with a focus on the student. What differentiates TUDA is that we are creating the greatest and largest community of teachers. We have a teacher's first policy to make sure all of the best teachers are engaged within our community. Our teacher community app allows for only teachers to access the services and allows them to communicate with each other, as well as provide an opportunity to talk about educational topics, which are incentivized with the TUDA token.

We have also incorporated a utility aspect into the application, allowing teachers to manage their classes, manage their students, manage their schedules, and also communicate with the parents.

The Business Model
Utilizing all of our services, which we will go in more depth in our second article, the team believes that a self-sustaining ecosystem with more than one way to utilize the token, will greatly enhance the TUDA platform for all token holders. TUDA is one of the first ICO's to also incorporate a social give policy, whereby a percentage of all transactions are donated to people in need. Staked token holders can vote to support various causes in our world today.

We hope this first post has enticed you enough for you to come visit our site and take a look at our whitepaper, which is available on We will continue to update the community about the latest plan via our steemit account (@tuda) and our telegram announcement channel (

If you have any queries or ideas on our platform developments, kindly let us know via Steemit or email ([email protected]). We are always open for ideas for innovation! Please note that we are currently in the private sale of our ICO. If you are interested in the project, please let us know via email.

Thank you.

With warm regards,



Welcome join steemit world.

Welcome to the platform!

I am special education teacher in the U.S. and work with @steemiteducation here. We have been building an educational community on the platform. It is great to see more people who are passionate about education.

Thanks @hanshotfirst. We are really passionate about furthering education by making sure that all of the teachers have a strong voice in the community and be a part of a community that they can mingle in. While we are based out of Korea right now, we hope to create an English version of the platform in the very near future!

Right on the dot after announcement! All the best in planning out your next moves up SMT's launch. I think the tutoring economy is a great use-case!

@kevingwong - Thanks a lot! We really think that education will hugely benefit from the SMT protocol, and as a result, we want to create the largest teacher community in the world!

The is an already use case for it but am more interested in knowing how you plan to attract more teachers to use the platform

Hey @dutchkay -

Could you let us know the existing service for this use case? There are currently already over 10,000 teachers on the platform in Korea because there have yet to be any service to fulfill this need. There are existing fragmented blogs and services out there, but not a private community where teachers can just come and chat with each other, manage their schedules, post their opinions on educational topics, etc. What do you think?

We are currently partnering up with companies in Korea, such as SMATOOS, that are helping us attract more teachers. I think these types of partnerships will be a key way for us to gain more and more users on the platform.

Please invite them to our discord channel too, it would be great to get more teachers involved in steemiteducation!

Of course. I think this is a very synergistic. Once we move onto the SMT protocol, I think it makes sense for all available services to be readily usable.

How wonderful! I am currently a teacher at an online school and we have students from all over the world preparing for their GED and SAT. My partner and I @hanshotfirst have been working hard to build a community for education here on the steemit platform. Good luck with your venture! :)

Thank you @giantbear! I was on the discord channel earlier today and I'm very excited to meet with you guys!

I'm sorry I missed you. Will catch up at some point. You can direct message me. My discord is the same name as on steemit.

Thanks, will definitely message you on discord!

@tuda welcome to the steemit family
I take private tuitions and this has enticed me. I'll visit the site when I'll sit by my lappy.

Thanks @preetika - It would be really cool to build out the teacher communities in other nations soon as well! Where are you based out of?

I'm based out of India. Visit my profile for more info :)

Thanks, will definitely take a look!

you have discord channel?

Hey - Not at the moment. We will have a community center on our application later on once we put in language options. We will definitely update everyone once that happens!

Welcome! Thanks for the great intro!

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Good platform collaboration and best use of blockchain technology

Thank you! Please take a look at our whitepaper at We would love your feedback. Don't worry, there is an English whitepaper!

Welcome to Steem @tuda.

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All the Best!!!

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thankls for bonus. best luck.

Thank you! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

welcome, will keep tabs on you guys... I hope you turn out great, and good idea by the way.

Thanks! Hope you will get involved in the platform as well once it rolls out an English version.

yes I will ... can't wait

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