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RE: I'm hackerbuddy, a Hacktivist, Game Dev, Thinker of Thoughts, Teacher of Things, Lover of Maths, Musician and Ex-Starwars-lover

Welcome!! This community is NOT like Hack Forums so there isn't a bunch of 13 year-olds who use this platform. I feel like if you shared your tales and taught some people here how to really hack for the sake of good, hell even show them how to program a little bit and teach a noob like me a few things or two! I followed you so keep it up!


Hi vibekilla! Yeah, HackForums is pretty dumb. People are just begging to go to federal prison all the time with the questions they are asking and posting, and sometimes, the people who know stuff troll the learners and get them to blow up their computers. Hack forums is not a very friendly place :(

I'm going to do my first post on programming here today. Thanks for following! I think coding and hacking is for everyone, not just "geniuses" ---I was frustrated for several years when I tried to teach myself stuff, but once I found the right information and the right motivation, I was doing really cool stuff. Thanks for my first comment!!!!