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Welcome on Steemit.
Change some tags and add some more which you can if you edit with partiko.

  • your name! If you do this with all your posts people who click on that tag can find both of all accounts

  • steemiteducation! See if this is the right name.

The most important 5, for example posting at other sites you have to add first.



Thanks, Kitty. This is my account.

Kitty , Joey is all over the place 😉

I noticed that here but one of his sites is deleted or?

Also do not see him here at the moment. I could use some room service. I love oatmeal. 😍

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Room service would be great. This is my 4th account. My accounts are, currently: @oatmealjoey | @oatmealenglish | @oatmealhealth | @joeyarnoldvn

How do you keep trace with all of them?

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I keep track of them in my head and through templates and through the links on the Steemit Header. If you look at the header, it links to one account. If you click on it, then you will see a link to a third account which then links to the 4th which then links to the first.

You are indeed very smart. You thought about everything. 👍💕

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It is one of my gifts. I've been thinking about things since I was like eight. I remind myself of @stefan.molyneux.

Follow them all four now 👍💕

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Gardening Tips

10:46 PM - Steemit - Health

Do roots suck up nutrients from the soil as well or are plants, including trees, unable to suck up water, dirt, etc, without the help of fungi, germs, bacteria, microorganisms, small invisible animals, worms, etc? I do find all of this to be surprising and interesting.

I find it more and more fascinating how you use answers in your journal and the other way round 👍💕

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