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Grating Steemit! @whaleshares-bank is very happy to announce a dedicated service for Whaleshares and Steemit users. You can now trade WLS with STEEM directly in the platforms. Comment on our post, wait for confirmation and then send STEEM to @whaleshares-bank on Steemit and get WLS on Whaleshares or the other way round.

We hope to bring Whaleshares and Steemit closer with this exchange services. Both platform are great and can easily live on the same internet, we are absolutely neutral. We are a simply trying to share and make things easier for the people.

We saw many people struggling with Bitshares and the Rudex gateway, they are great tools but not always easy to use. Then Rudex have high fees. We are here to share the fees by buying big WLS/BTS/STEEM amounts on Bitshares/Blocktrade and then splitting the costs.

We are accepting exchange from 500 WLS to 10'000 WLS with 2% fee AND you will get WLS cashback from our tip jar, that means you will get almost free transaction!


Community driven, privately funded & independent bank
Cover image under Copyright (c) All right reserved
BTS Account: whaleshares-bank - STEEM Wallet: @whaleshares-bank


Greetings @pankso,

What a lovely idea. Yes....wouldn't it be quite splendid to have these two excellent social sites working together, this seems a good start.

Thank you for setting this up.

@gabeboy resteemed it.

Hello @andy4475 and @anouk.nox!

All the best.


Look for bleujay and bentleycapital to request to join the pod at WLS.

NB..... May I send a tip for the join fee?

It's good to have you onboard, @bleujay! 😉

Hi ya @gabeboy,

Thank you for your kind words and resteeming @pankso's banking post.

Christ-mas greetings to you and your good lady. ^__^

All the best.


When I recommended Whaleshares contact Steem Engine and make a trading pair with steemp the folks in charge told me to suck it. I even talked to Aggroed and he said he was happy to talk to your team. And that was before everyone left Whaleshares and the price dumped hard.

Now this pops up. Don't blame me for saying too little too late.
You guys messed up badly and with the dictatorship attitude you have there I'm not sure how anyone will give you a chance now.

You had a chance to cultivate a relationship between communities but you hated Steemit too much and didn't even listen to your community at all.
I fear it's too late for whaleshares and this attempt to create connections now seems needy.

Like a drowning man reaching to get saved. You had time when price was higher when a lot of us wanted a bridge between the platforms.

Most of us that were on whaleshares pretty much hold a middle finger up to whaleshares now.

Hi, this Bank service is a user initiative and I (@pankso) am not part of the Whaleshares team. I don't know about this story but thanks for sharing. Yes indeed, good relationship between platforms are important.

To be fair, that was me that told you to fuck off and Pankso had nothing to do with it. I am also not a member of the Whaleshares team though.

You were also not very nice when you worded your offer, which was why I got a bit prickly.

Our talk was a few weeks ago. Im talking 6+ months ago here.

Yes, that is the one I am referring to. You came into the discord and told us that now that WLS is worthless, we should get a steemengine token and become a Steem tribe.

Didnt say Whaleshares was worthless. WLS price is at worthless levels, which is true. And that was far after i talked to folks about the possibility of Steem engine integration.

Check April 2. in the discord chat.

Okay, you had said 6 months ago so that was where I looked. I wasn't around for the April chats I guess. The thing about all of this is that there are people that believe in Whaleshares, despite the name, and there are people that just try to cash in on Whaleshares.

I see a lot of those people commenting on this post and that is fine. I also see people buying back the cheap WLS because it is a great platform and has a good, working blockchain under it. Sure, things could have been run better but in the end there is still a group of people who want to see this work.

Not for the price of WLS but to have a comfortable, uncensored place to hang out and without the fear of having your content flagged. As long as there are enough witnesses to keep the chain running and there are a few people that want to stay and talk, why does there need to be so much meddling in what goes on over there?

It's hardly meddling. It's people providing feedback on what they see is going on.

As you can see from my April convo I was simply sharing the complete basics of how the market works and the need to expand whaleshares reach. I was shut down numerous times for simply trying to help either on discord or on chain.
The team literally did not want to listen to any feedback at all.

They decided to shun any mention of steem or any opportunity that was there to take advantage of the falling trust at the time in steemit.inc.

Even in my discussions about expanding their reach by creating easy trading pairs they completely dismissed it because they hated steem.
Instead of creating a bridge between communities they lived in fear that everyone will sell their tokens, they feared that whales would manipulate the marker when the absolute fact is that being constricted to one pair bts/wls leads to massive dumping and liability due to it being the only point of entry and exit.

They are absolutely incompetent and I'd go and say that they have absolutely no clue of how to run a project like this.

They even stripped the revolutionary idea of reward pool allocation and adopted the stupidest system of paying out inflation to stake holders completely removing the need for a content platform.

It's all beyond ludicrous.

WLS right now has 0 utility. Its simply a token printing station relying on greater fool theory.

People that did care about it's success left and whaleshares is a joke to us now we laugh at in discord.
Expecting us to not say anything now is hard to expect after being dissapointed this much.

And here we go again. When I said "meddling" I wasn't referring to you but to the dozens of other people that came from Steemit to try and undermine.

When you constantly barrage people with how smart you are compared to how stupid they are, are you surprised when you are met with hostility? Telling people that they are stupid because they don't want things to be the same as you do doesn't make them stupid, it makes you ignorant to other people's way of thinking.

What does the price of their token or how they distribute the token matter? If there are people that like the tipping structure, let them tip. I tip away all of my daily rewards to people that I like or enjoy the content they share. There are others that do the same. I try to tip the people that I know will keep their tokens on the chain but I have no say with what they do with them.

Does that affect you or any other person who has left the platform? It shouldn't, yet you felt the need to give @pankso a piece of your mind when he simply tried to give people what they had been asking for. A way to trade WLS for Steem.

I have tried to come back to Steemit and hang out to see if the platform has become more friendly and have been met with mostly good feelings but did notice the other day that I was being flagged for getting SBI upvotes. Luckily my buddy @buttcoins counteracts any rewards I might have lost but that's neither here nor there. It's not a friendly place for everyone. I am still going to use it, and keep my rewards in my account here but you shouldn't think that the reward system is the be-all, end-all. There is a lot of room for improvement and anyone who thinks their system is perfect is naive or lying.

What... this place has a dictator attitude too, really! You all dictate everything. You're dictating right now! @Mr. Dictatorbutterfly! lol jk Don't get your panties in a bunch and get all hurt feelings again on me now! lol

Who are "we"?
What am i dictating here exactly? Im sharing my views.

Lol. Im not sure what is it that you have a problem with.

Relax bro, I was just kidding! I'm always just kidding. Like to say whatI think. I can be wrong sometimes, no big deal. I don't have a problem with you. In general here everybody dictates with their power, flags and whatever. Posts have be this, or that, and no bidbots, and no self voting. It's endless. "We" is everybody else here excluding me!

Dude, if you werent trying to dictate what and how people should act and attack those that dont act the way you think they should, you wouldnt be on a bunch of blacklists. lol

You do the exact thing as everyone else, the difference is that you devolve it into personal attacks, spam, being annoying, following people around you dislike, berating them at every step. If youre ignored you push harder so they notice you and you dont feel like youre talking to yourself....

"We" is everybody including you. ;)

Of course I dictate, I'm a hypocrite, so what. I really don't care what other people do.

This place has a YOU problem.

Who's behind this project? lol

Hi, it's me ;-) My name is Christophe I'm @pankso on both platform.

I tried finding the account on Whaleshares, but couldn't find it.. probably an error on my end.. but to be sure. I can send you WLS and get steem for it? I have 7,277.160 WLS I would like to part with. Hopefully that's possible @pankso @whaleshares-bank :)

Hey! On Whaleshares it is @bank, you may want to join the pod ;-) Max transaction is 5k WLS

No wonder I couldn't find it :) Thanks, just send you the request. And 5k it is then ;) Great that you started this. I will wait for your approval ..

How much steem (estimate) would I receive for 5k wls?

Hi @gibber, you would get 50 STEEM.

sounds cool I think I just joined your pod on wls

Not yet ;-) On Whaleshares, you need to login into your wallet and go to the jon pod page, enter bank as pod name and follow the steps.

Then I will accept your request ;-) A new wls post is on the way, please comment on the latest one to make an exchange proposal. Thank you!

cool I think I did join, but I'm not sure yet, be patient it may take a little time to figure this stuff put but I do want to kinda balance my two accts. I value both platforms

Yep! All ok, you are in the pod. We also value both platforms. Thanks using our services.

cool so i just send 5,000 to "bank" on whaleshares and you send me 50 steem to "gibber" on steemit?

do you have a discord?

I haven't used it to trade for Steem but I bought WLS with BTS and it worked splendidly.

I didn't trade Steam there either, but trading BTS to EOS was very favorable for me)

You are so welcome! I love you too!

Used this exchange service yesterday and received steem in less than a minute. Transaction was very quick. You should all try it out.

Nice project i must say @whaleshares-bank @pankso

Thanks for trusting our service and your nice comment.

Having used this "Exchange Service" myself , I can only shout out just how awesome it is 👏 $trdo

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Hey! Thank you so much, your support is much appreciated.

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final de post.png¡¡¡Felicidades!!!

I didn’t know people still used whale shares

Yep, new features from HF4 are amazing and they are great people and communities pod active on the platform.

Welcome to steemit @whaleshares-bank.

Welcome the new steemians. Have a great day!

Thanks for the list, @steembasicincome is a great project.

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Good day, @whaleshares-bank. Congratulations on the occasion of creating this exchange platform on Steemit. I am glad to recognize you on both websites.

I am @gboyegaogunmola on Steemit. I recently joined Whaleshares as @writer-gboyega. I am interested in sending 2 STEEM from Steemit to Whaleshares as early as possible. I haven't been able to publish since I joined.

I will be expecting your confirmation.

Thanks a lot.

Hi, you should probably contact him on the latest bank post but I know he was running low on liquid WLS because of a big buy order but if he doesn't have enough. I can send you some.

Thanks a lot, for being here and there for me, @profanereviews. I noticed that you are guiding my entrance into the blockchain platforms.

In fact, I appreciate the consistent turns of valuable WLS token you shared me on the Whaleshares platform.

This attitude is so kind-hearted to me. I wish you a prosperous and happy time, on both sides of Steemit.com and Whaleshares.io.

I sincerely apologize for the short delay in my reply. I envisaged being a bit ready to interact properly on Whaleshares, before doing anything over the past comments I received just of recent.

I am grateful for the consideration.

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Whaleshares seems to die because the uders reduce sharply. I think wls team should change the powerdown system that can only powerdown about 50 %

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Sent you a new Trade on Whaleshares 👍

hi bank...I sent a request to join he pod on wls..I would like to exchange my wls for steem.thanks

Haven't been on Whaleshares for a while.

Just checked, I currently have 2,619.994 WLS.

How many STEEM would I get for that?

Joined your pod there.

Hey whaleshares-bank! If you would like to make your personal feed contain the top trending media and talking points of the whole internet, consider following @coffeebreak and @topicstoday accounts - And welcome to Steem!

I want to exchange 2400wls for steem

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