Introducing Myself to Steemit 2.0 aka Tronit - Who I Really Am

I am a conglomeration of Steemit accounts. I am a mystic, investor and I am ready for Steemit 2.0.

As a user of Tron dApps including Wink, Tronlink, and am no stranger to how cool Tron is.

I am ready to vote for super representatives, utilize Tronk Link and build my stack of Sesame Seed tokens. I am ready for Steemit airdrops and trading Steemit on Polonidex.

@justinsunsteemit is the man! I am ready for Steemit 2.0. Bring it on, Sun!


Hey @xerxes.alpha, Welcome to the steemit world!

don't be too sure about any of your Steemit expectations being fulfilled .. the Steem community will have a lot to say before anything happens. Justin bought a dapp on the Steem chain.. he didn't buy Steem

Well welcome to steemit, i guesss its a bit different to what you are used to, but a great addition to you excistence i know for sure

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