Introducing Myself and Worldtelevisioncoin (WTC), An Awesome Giveaway

My name is Mike Stockbauer, i live in Stuttgart Germany and i am the cheif excecutive officer of World Television Coin (WTC), i am really excited to be here with my crypto project, and looking forward to know each one of you, make more friends and develop my Crypto Project, I believe Steemit is a great platform to choose,

So Please let me introduce you my Crpyto Currency Project World television coin (WTC:

As you probably know, Technology is innovating the way things are done all over the world. Technology is the present and future of the world, it’s breaking up fallow grounds and making it fertile. This is an everyday occurrence which is not stopping anytime soon. The world is gradually evolving within a twinkle of an eye. Things that we never imagined could be possible is happening day by day. Blockchain technology is leading the revolution. The communication and media are not left out of this revolution. The communication and media is a very important part of our daily life and with the advent of the Blockchain, it just got easier.
Yes! With WTC, you’ve truly got the power! The WTC platform was created to find the much-needed balance in transacting in the Cryptocurrency industry. It is a new Crypto distribution platform created by veterans in the industry and powered by the Blockchain network. WTC is the cryptocurrency for YOU. We make apps for iOS, Android, windows so we get all device and we know that now everyone can watch TV everywhere on a tablet, smartphones, and PC.
Cryptocurrency is the future of financial institution in the world. With WTC more than 2.2 million people all over the world can be brought together on a single platform. Different channel all over the world is on our platform. It is an encompassing Project that incorporates everybody regardless of region, gender, color race or ethnicity.

WTC is presently giving out about 8000 IPTV channel for free after the token sale to every subscriber of on our platform. The channel will cut across major channels of the world.
Most Cryptocurrencies are set up for a financial transaction and more about the Bitcoins and blockchain technology. The fit CryptoCurrency is a step away from this fad. It is the first decentralized app for the communication and enthusiast out there. WTC believes the Blockchain technology has a huge potential to help make viewing our favorite channel, TV show or talk show at our convenience anywhere in the world. Thus, the reason to use the token crowd sale mechanism to pre-sell our product and financial development as opposed to the traditional way.

Any serious sector of establishment that is ready to revolutionize the way things are done and better the way of its participant must be able to leverage on technology if not, such venture will be left behind. Like most ICO, WTC also sells its own token to it participant and use the token to register as its participant. The power to operate is in the hand of the users, therefore optimal security is ensured. The main menace faced by transacting online are security and trust, the Blockchain technology has helped to solve this problem by ensuring maximum protection of the users and their token. Technology will help accelerate the subscription of members to various channel across the world.
Ten years ago, a search for a television channel would have started in the office or a local cable of a local station, the traditional method of payment using FIAT currencies is used and this comes with problems such as:
• Lack of decentralization
• Lack of privacy protection
• Limited freedom to transact
• Risk of chargebacks
• Risk of fraudulent activities
WTC doesn’t have a bank to store your funds. They are stored in a digital wallet which can easily be downloaded from Google play store and other related services. The wallet is a digital bank that allows users to easily trade in WTC. They are not controlled by any governmental financial policy.

Advantages of World Television Coin (WTC)

  1. Ease of use- using WTC is very easy. The stress involved is low when compared with trading with traditional currency. A transaction can be carried out at any place as long as there is an internet connection.

  2. Acceptability- The crypto coins value mostly work on the principle of demand and supply. With little promotion or Ads, the acceptability of the ICO platform is stunning.

  3. Security- One of the banes of an online transaction or financial dealing is “security” the Blockchain technology actually help to bridge this gap. It has made people have a strong belief in the security of the cryptosystem, the Cryptocurrency system has experienced a large increase in price over the years, and more and more people are investing in it.

  4. Decentralization- One of the major advantages of WTC is decentralization. It is not answerable or controlled by the policy of any bank or country. This has made it a safe haven for investors


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  2. Squirrex exchange,at


social media:

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YouTube channel:

At The end
Comment your Steem-engine username below the post for an awesome WTC reward, Just hold them for a while
More Updates Coming soon,

We are really happy to be here, your suggestions will be Warmly appreciated,

Have a Great Day/Night
Mike Stockbauer


I as one of community members believe that WTC is going to Hit alot of Success using Steemit services,

Grew up in Esslingen (more or less)
"Grüße Gott"!

This I find interesting, very!
Wish You an Awesome Day As Well!

happy you found it interesting, Thanks for this Awesome Comment, Apreciate it,


Looking forward to follow this project for sure!

Thanks For the comment, Stay tuned,

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Welcome to steemit! I wish you success in this new world! 👍

This is a unique project that will hit the entire market with a great new value! :)

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