introducing myself to steemit community

This is my pleasure to introduce myself to steemit community.

I am Thwinlay from Mandalay Division. I completed my B.Art with CA from Mandalay University.


My hobbies are reading, playing football and karate.

I have no work experience in any company. I don't like to say weakness but I like to say scope for improvement that is I won't leave any ask in completely, I believe in my self and my hard work and I want perfection in every thing. I am a good listener as well as good learner.I can hard work to achieve my targets in time. I am self confident,positive attitude and patience.

That's all about me.
Thanks for giving such a wonderful opportunity.


@thwinlay, congratulations on making your first post! I gave you an upvote!

Please give me a follow and take a moment to read this post regarding commenting and spam.
(tl;dr - if you spam, you will be flagged!)

Warmly welcome

Welcome friend

Welcome bro



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