I am a happy steemian

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It is very difficult to make money online including steemit because most people tend to sell their votes however, the little one I get makes me happy because I am here in the long run.

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I am a young lady and will gradually grow with steem ecosystem. I am happy that at least I have a platform to make and save money for my future. Join me and be happy.
Be positive, be grateful

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Wow hahahaha I agree with your positive spirit especially in light of the current downward trends, we all should be strong, happy and keep steeming...haters gonna hate anyways however together, we are stronger. Thanks , upped and resteemed.

Thanks, good comment indeed.

Yeah @ronja1

It isn't really easy to make money online this days, steemit inclusive. I have been here since december but became active just last month. Within that time I have brought like 50 more people to this platform.

One thing i tell them is to avoid short term mentality of coming in today and raking 500SBD tomorow. It doesn't work that way.

Instead we are focusing on the community.... On the long term.

The prices will be back, or even better. It will meet us prepared, not panicking.

Very good point and try follow and read posts from great writers example @charles1 . His tips guides here me daily ...very good indeed. I wish you success

I totally agree with your opinion. However, as a steemian, we should not just thinking only for money.
but also as a vehicle to strengthen our relationship with each other information the steemit.

thank you for sharing
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Wow. Ronja you surely gave us the happy dance worthy of my upvote.

Welcome and an upvote to you too

😗 ★♥good postsuccess with pocachip in steemit 😗

helo @ronja. reading your posting make me heart touchy. but exactly my fate is sadder than your. A lot of stuff postting of mine graps only 0.001. some time I thought,"Did my posting come in to my followers feed?". but every thing is fine for the first step in this blogchain. some of our seniors are guys with humble heart. keep morning spirit. posting must go on with or without 💰 he he he. keep smiling.

Good point indeed..we new members must learn how this work here 1st and read successful posts...I read all posts from @charles1 and have learnt a lot...I wish you success

Welcome and success

Very good post.. I follow you and want to make good helpers for each others. I also resteem your post and hope you will do the same... Thanks for sharing

Thank you

Be happy for a moment. That moment is your life.

Amen to that

It is a good motto and a good attitude. I applaud that @ronja1.


The way to succeed on Steemit is to keep one mind off the reward aspect at first and just focus on the community

Point, I agree

estamos igual pero amiga la paciencia es una virtud tienes que cultivarla


don't look too near and we will find wide landscape. we will see manything which can be ways. So keep the goal. REACH FUTURE BETTER.

Good point

haha gawat that lago :D

cara promosi yang menarik

follow dan vote back ya kak! @channa

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yes keep up the steeming spirit glowing while I tap that blessing from you dear

I upvoted this because you posted a funny pic. Haha. :D

Hahahahahahaha totally loving the spirit @ronja1
; )

That is such a good way to look at it. I also am very happy just to be here. We are sure to grow with time. I guess you and I both have much to look forward to as days go by.