Steem and bitcoin are bouncing back: Happy days ahead

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The below dance is to show my happiness and mock steem and crypto haters ..we are indeed bouncing back isn´t it?

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I do not have much ( I am a young lady) but will gradually grow my steem and power up to the moon, hope you all will join me.

Do you agree? Send in your comments and pls upvote and resteem my post

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Go Go Go @ronja1 this your positive attitude is the way forward and I agree with you. Best days are ahead...Upped and resteemed.

Hahha...thanks and welcome

i little bit think that steem price can go upto 500-600 dollar in 2021

Happy bouncing day!!!!

Haha...good point

I like this brother....

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Love the happy dance. I upvoted. It is only my second day on steemit and I am trying to figure out how to get people to read my quality articles. I have zero exposure right now but I have Britain some high- I have zero exposure right now but I have written a few high quality articles. I kept them short so I would not lose people's attention or have them getting bored while reading. I'm not sure how the Resteem thing works for I would do it. I did however upvote this for you. Could you possibly be so kind as to read one or two of my articles? I'm not asking for a vote or a follow or anyting. I'm just wanting someone, at least one person to read something I have written


Very funny, but I am happy because you are happy.
May you live always happy like this.

Hy, please upvote my new post. Thanks :)

Don’t do that please. If you want to comment, just say something useful to the author. This type of comment can be considered as spamming and may hurt your reputation...think about it!! Do your best!

Good point...keep teaching them

Yea,, i'll do something usefull..

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I have Strong belief in steem!!

Same here

I was about to make a post one this too. I've been sitting back watching steem's value grow over the past few days.

Good luck and more success

yes, happy days