My Introduction Post: Namaste From Nepal

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Namaste Everyone,

I am Rupa from Nepal. I am new to Steemit and would like to take my first post as an opportunity to introduce myself to you.

Frankly speaking, I know very less about crypto currency. I am here because my friend recommended me to it. He knew I am passionate about reading and writing, and saw no sense of wasting my passion in writing a blog article that give me nothing in return. He showed me how earning money and writing can go hand in hand.

I don't know what to expect yet but hope the possibility my friend show me will be materialised. I look forward to your support and motivation.

Focusing back to me, I am simple girl of Nepal with an aptitude for reading and writing. I read lots of fiction and try to write book reviews. Many things go in my mind about life, humanity, human behaviours and more. I try to make sense of those chaos through my writing. I also have habit of recording my day to day life in a diary. I also have the aim to write short stories and novels in future. I love my language and is good enough in translating English texts to Nepali. And I have clicked some good photos. I wish to buy a DSLR one day and vanish somewhere deep in the forest to take photos of awesome feelings and experience.

I don't know what of the above I will be able bring to Steem but will try my best to give you the original and good contents. On top of up-votes, I need your honest comments and feedback to keep going. Please do follow me and support me throughout to bring the best in me.


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Hi @rupajee

I Wish You Welcome to STEEM
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Hi @rupajee welcome to steem community! We have cool bot name rupa here too. Hope you will enjoy your blogging journey here. Here are some quick guide for you to get started on steemit

We in steem greeters have program for newcomers too here

See you soon!

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